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Don't forget The Boys From Brazil, also by Ira Levin. The man couldn't have written a bad book if he tried. Time to get some re-reading done! I was wondering when watching this film if Natalie had been considered for the Woodward role or even the Ellen role. She was 17-18 in 1956, may have been considered too young, and also was pretty busy around this time with other projects. I too thought of her death when watching this. Rest In Peace, Natalie. Just watched it again today and thought she (Mary) looked good. The part doesn't call for a glamour girl, but for a single mother in her 50s who is supporting herself and her son and probably hasn't had the easiest life. Mary Astor was 50 when this movie was made (born 1906). I remember thinking that she had a great figure at that age, very slender. Yes, yes, yes... I so agree. Also, the actress playing young Beth really had Beth's mannerisms down pat. "Our Little Island Girl..." I've been a little disenchanted with this season, mainly because of Jack's Viet Nam story, but this episode reminded me why I love this show so much. Bravo channel Dana, then Alice. Loved Carmen. I'm in the U.S. (Idaho) and I just finished bingewatching the first 7 seasons this week thanks to Netflix. I am obsessed with this show. Hoping for a season 8. Max Steiner is identified as the director of music for "Force of Arms" according top IMDB. He composed the music for "Gone With The Wind" and literally hundreds of films. I recognized some of the background music as his, sounding very similar to that OF GWTW. Apparently, there is something known as "stock music" which was available back in the day and available for use in any number of films. Loved the main love theme in this film. Another film is "Unconquered" from 1947 featuring vixen Paulette Goddard as an indentured servant in the 1700s. Also starring John Wayne. I loved this movie, have seen it twice. Yes, they dress as nuns (sinister, but humorous). . ​Great location shots, Boston/Charlestown. Nice romance. Moody, bittersweet. Liked Ben Affleck in this role but this was the first time (2010) I became aware of actor Jeremy Renner and he blew me away. View all replies >