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I can't claim any such foresight with Lashana. I'm pretty sure now though that their knives and their looks shamming jabs are out for her since the 007 (It's not about Bond but the moniker) announcement. It just made zero tactical sense to me that the (insert additional descriptive pejorative here) Anti-Brie crowd were exclusively against Larsen given their agenda. Just in my opinion. <blockquote>[–] alienzen (369) 3 minutes ago Guaranteed? It still needs another 7m. Within grasp yes, but not guaranteed.</blockquote>It is indeed going to be quite close. Here are some quick numbers:<pre> Day 77 for All films:...…..Day 133 All Films Avengers Domestic:...…..Avengers Domestic ============……….=========== Avengers 1: $614...…….$623 Avengers 2: $455...…….$459 Avengers 3: $675...…….$678 Avengers 4: $849...…….$??? Needs another $8 Million domestic as International is DONE! I agree that there was nothing to tie CM to SM:FFH but the fact that all three were in theaters simultaneously was something that could have been exploited was the only idea that came to mind. Not saying that it was a guarantee that sales would have been boosted for CM but there was no attempt to even "exploit" the happening. From my POV it was just the opposite. I expected the move to have a larger impact immediately on A:E but I think it was around just $5 Million? But that "Bump" of $5 Million has rippled positively since and has been pretty steady such that A:E appears to be able to now get even closer to Avatar to the tune of needing ~ a bit less than $8 Million. So it appears that it hasn't quite faded and I didn't see that coming. 10 Years from now this will be viewed with even more reverence because of what Marvel/Disney has achieved, that will not be duplicated by any other studio. Two separate generations have been affected by this ComicBooktoMovie phenomenon. Those comic book readers from the 60's (Silver Age) and the current generation who only know the MCU as the largest or biggest part of their comic book hero entertainment. <blockquote>Lets see Avengers EG....Now Guaranteed to be the Highest Grossing Film ever made with 2.788 B+...where Disney Will net a record 700 M+ in Profit</blockquote>I would definitely attribute that outcome to the Re-Release but not because all three films are being touted as being in theaters simultaneously.<blockquote>Captain Marvel....The highest Grossing Female Superhero film of All TIME in every possible way including Opening Weekend,domestic and WW with 1.125 B+....where Disney Will Bet 350 to 400 M+ in Profit.</blockquote>This resulted not from the three films being positioned together nor because Marvel acknowledged the circumstance and promoted it as an event.<blockquote>Spider-Man FFH....Now Officially guaranteed to be The Highest Grossing Spider-Man Movie of All time...Officially resulting in The character reaching New and Never before seen Heights .</blockquote>SM:FFH probably did get a bit of a push riding on A:E's coattails which might be why Disney/Marvel moved up the release date for SM:FFH to take advantage of the 4th of July holiday session. I don't think CM saw any such bounce because of this troika type event and I also don't recall Marvel/Disney touting that synergy to any of the individual film's advantage. SM:FFH's success is pretty much clearly a result of Marvel bringing Spidey home to the MCU.<blockquote>Cherry On Top.....Marvel Studios Breaks their own 2018 record of producing 3 MCU films that top 4 Billion + WW which was The HIGHEST GROSSING year In CBM history, and Now In 2019 Produce 3 MCU films That top 5 B+ to once again Have The HIGHEST Grossing year in CBM history man it sure does seem Disney "didn't take good advantage of having three properties in release simultaneously." HUH?</blockquote>I think you're spot on that Disney/Marvel have much to crow about for this 2019 film season without even having to compare it against 2018. I'm not even disagreeing with you Bill. I was making an observation of the event and the lack of any visible effort by Disney/Marvel to self-promote the happening. Marvel did the work and is reaping the results by default but CM saw no incremental increase in Box Office. At least to my limited observation of CM's box office performance and market share. <blockquote>[–] ultravioletx (1975) 14 days ago It. Is. Inevitable.</blockquote> Avatar...…..2,788.0 Avengers...2,780.8 It does look very much like a <b>fait de accompli</b>. I should have stated Marvel/Disney, as those three films share some direct MCU storylines and potential box-office synergy that should have played well with audiences. <quote>[–] QueenFanUSA (1955) 10 days ago Where have you seen 160 million as the budget? I've yet to see that number but 200 million is all over the place. </quote> Where is that $200 Million listed again? View all replies >