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What do you think about JoJo Rabbit? ...and he's back! And it is even more official: <url></url> Re-imagined for today and rebooted. My guess is that Huey and Riley have not aged. Will indeed miss Charlie Murphy as Ed Wuncler. <blockquote>posted 9 months ago by DceuFanticArmy (1088) 13 replies | jump to latest If this film crosses 600 million dollars in box office then I will drink my piss for 6 months</blockquote>Crosses 600 Million?? Captain Marvel may have resulted in $600 Million in profits!! <blockquote> Plus he's a big white guy. That's no good no more. At best they'd probably make him into a Captain America replacement.</blockquote>Interesting perspective but not one that I share. The problem with Scott in the X-Men movies was that he existed only as a foil for Wolverine and had no identity of his own. That was a choice that the director made and could have easily been the other way around. <blockquote>[–] QueenFanUSA (2189) 16 hours ago I dunno...maybe billbrown? "Confirmed reports" of a "special deal" Disney got with exhibitors for The Lion King? <b>Are you going back to SEC filings? LOL</b></blockquote>Where is the joke in that statement? <blockquote>[–] QueenFanUSA (2185) 2 hours ago Some people deserve to be "trolled"...particularly LIARS.</blockquote>Who is the "Liar", what is it he/she is lying about, what reason do they have to lie and how is it you are going to prove or have already proven that the alleged Liar is indeed Lying? <blockquote>[–] QueenFanUSA (2184) an hour ago Norrinrad...LOL. this case I am trolling someone. Fair enough...'ya got me.</blockquote>No, no, no!!! The <b>"T"</b> word I was thinking of was Teasing, or it was Taunting??!! But I'll go with what you stated. <blockquote>[–] QueenFanUSA (2181) an hour ago Understood...but they aren't my rules. They are billbrown's rules and <b><I>I'm having a bit of fun with them</b></I>.</blockquote>So you're posting statements on the board that you don't believe in under the guise of <b>"A bit of Fun</b>"? Fun for who and fun to whom? There's a word for that type of behavior... There's a term for that type of tactic..... There's a phrase for that type of activity..... What's that word? Hmmmm, it escapes me for the moment. If only I could figure it out? It starts with a <b>"T"</b> and often ends in <b>"ing"</b> but it isn't twerking. No, that's not it. No, it's not Trawling. Close, but that's not it either. It'll come to me if I <b>roll</b> through more <b>T</b> words in my thoughts. I'll leave it to others more efficient in language to figure it out. 😂 It is increasingly difficult to have some of your threads gain any traction when you are so prolific at starting new threads for movies and characters NOT currently trending. View all replies >