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'Captain America' Star Chris Evans Donates to 'Captain Marvel' GoFundMe Goose gets a poster?? Awesome and Amazingly Advantegous Alliteration Captain Marvel might Introduce S.W.O.R.D. Certified Fresh! From the New Trailer Fury doesn't know some of SHIELD's big secrets. There is no Reason for Aquaman.. It is Awards season. Wait for it, Wait for it...... It is Awards season. Wait for it, Wait for it...... Won't Arrive Until 2020! View all posts >


I wouldn't expect this to go viral anytime soon. Marvel's Captain Marvel just doesn't have that currency as of yet. From my memory Stan Lee created him (Spider-Man and Peter Parker) to be identifiable and relatable. As far as mentors and support for Peter/Spidey in the early years: Robbie Robertson Dr. Curt Connors Captain George Stacy Peter isn't Tony's or anybody's sidekick now ala Robin, Bucky or Kid Flash (Speedy????). I thought from the look and demeanor he was perfect. But Marvel-TV ruined any chance of him, the Character, the Royal Family and the InHumans FROM ever being part of the MCU. AoS started their and his downfall and the series just killed them. Too bad, so sad. Citations can either refute or support. Within a given citation both are possible. I only engage with you to determine if your statements are based on data, references or facts or just wishes, beliefs or hope. Your fascination that you allegedly have for about or with Disney is always expressed as a negative. I have yet to ever read a post of yours that praises Disney/Marvel for getting anything right. And with that. I'm done. You don't discuss you just post and drift from Disney/Marvel film board to film board predicting Gloom and Doom. There is no lively debate or even Box Office performance discussion with you, and your biggest desire right now is a [I]"Waiting for Godot"[/I] - like fixation and your need to pillory him. Do you mean the actual characters or the actors are smart-arses? Aquaman and Wonder Woman are wondering: "Where did everyone go?" "[b]We brought money with us and LOTS of it[/b]"!! [quote][–] QueenFanUSA (1273) 13 hours ago That article was a big "So what?". I've been saying that CM could do Doctor Strange numbers domestically if all goes well.[/quote]What an odd reply. An article that supports you is brushed off as a "So What"? Did Scott not demeaning BillBrown in the article throw you off or something? I still would like to know why you detest Disney so much? You claim to like them but constantly ride them over money and alleged Boxoffice performance and not film quality. What is it that you would want them to do that would satisfy you? What is it that you want from them? I'm just curious. You'll trumpet and shout hosannas and praise for Ready Player One but troll Black Panther. What is the deal? I mean you're already going after Captain Marvel as inadequate as compared to WW. What does WW have to do with CM? Did you compare BP to WW? Oh yeah you did and your trolling was summarily rebuffed. What has Disney done to you? Did you own their stock once and sold it too soon to reap a tidy profit? Why are you so bitter against Disney? No. Avatar had many, many 3D IMAX repeat viewings because of the immersive experience and not so much for a "I have to see that again" story. Avengers:Endgame will not be that kind of event film but it will still be well received. People should stop trying to compare and compete the Avatar movie experience as it was a novelty. Look at it this way. 3D is basically dead in the USA. Nothing in 3D is an eyeball magnet sucking dollars out of wallets of people who want to watch 3D. The Avatar sequels won't come close to repeating such an event experience either. Alexander Pierce, Operation Insight, HYDRA, Captain America:The Winter Soldier, Sub-orbital Hellicarriers, Insight Satellite targeting system: Captain Steve Rogers, [b]"This Isn't freedom. This is fear".[/b] Who knew a highly entertaining movie could foretell such scary ideas? [url][/url] I'm in total agreement with you but I wouldn't put it past Disney to highlight "Goose" with CM as "Groot" and "Baby Groot" were highlighted with GoTG (1&2). Disney knows it's way around a marketing campaign to attract families and kids. I hope there will be a narrative payoff with Goose and not just a Cat-Cute tease for audiences. Not being cynical just realistic. View all replies >