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Disappointment in a movie sometimes boils down to our own unmet expectations. That could apply to a whole host of things that pass through our lives. 🤔 I too want the run-time that is viable to exhibitors and meets the 'expectations' of audiences. The PG13 to me was a given as the animated version even for all the funny moments was quite intense and well done for a PG film. There was killing galore even though it was off screen, along with the implied slaughter of children or a least a child. Will Mulan 2020 be an epic war story? I dont really think so as it revolves so much around a single character inspiring an army as opposed to epic battle scenes. I would love to be wrong but wont be disappointed if the epic war/battles dont happen. <blockquote>It wasn't all bad but I really would have liked to see more of Zalem, to better understand the dynamics of conflict and just to add to the visuals. Agree?</blockquote>The tease for a franchise, sequel or series. Nothing uncommon for the weekend reporting of BoxOfficeMojo on Sundays. Updates are applied and the numbers will bounce around until all of the updates are in place some times much later into the evening on Sunday. This can continue until Monday as "estimates" are not "actuals". 😎 <blockquote>[–] dmac8 (3215) an hour ago I already know how to make you go away for a while. I did it once already simply by asking you for proof you claimed to have ready for any taker but Queen.</blockquote>You personally <b>MADE</b> BillBrown go away for awhile?? Those are some pretty impressive and persuasive skills you have there dmac8. I'm beginning to get the impression you and QueenFanUSA have a back channel of communications going on. 🤔 Do I detect a hint of collusion or have you been Stockholmed? You personally <b>MADE</b> BillBrown go away??!! Will you also be able to <b>MAKE</b> him be more pithy with his posts? Does any of this Moviechat-CSI have anything to do with The Batman? Well I guess Batman is going to have to surrender the title of World's Greatest Detective.<blockquote> I checked the mother of all comic book show calendars. It has everything from church basement stuff to the biggest of them all. Nothing match what he described. </blockquote>Impressive, quite impressive indeed. 🤣 You're instigating aren't you? Complete with a "Live Studio Audience"?! Wanda is going insane!! <blockquote>[–] QueenFanUSA (2792) 8 minutes ago You know you are no "mediator" in this case. You are squarely in billbrown's corner. Give me a break.</blockquote>Queen, I know you know better than that. I am neither pro-Bill nor anti-Queen. I have been nothing but fair, pleasant and understanding with you as well as Bill. 😎 You'll never find a post of mine that wasn't objective about ANY debate between the two of us. As far as for Billbrown, Looks like you will be <b><I>"Waiting For Godot"</I></b> yet a second time. 🤣 It is early but hopefully she will have a recurring,lead role in the series to the point that she may crossover to the "Big" screen? The only actor to have done that, and it was a cameo, was Jarvis from Peggy Carter. <blockquote>[–] Joogle83 (528) 42 minutes ago stop living in the past Trumper</blockquote>I personally, very personally consider being called a Trumper an insult of the highest proportion. I am not even Trump adjacent but I was being very clear in what I think you read and what you read had little if anything to do with 45. If you'd like to engage with what I typed I am quite open to hear your thoughts. Hurling words at me that I deem an offensive insult isn't the same as having a dialog or a conversation towards understanding. 😎 The salient part of the statement needs to be read and not glossed over:<blockquote>Before Thor: Ragnarok hit theaters, Valkyrie was confirmed to be the MCU’s first bisexual superhero. The film didn’t actually make any clear references to this. However, it sounds like Waititi aims to rectify this mistake in Love and Thunder. While speaking with Variety, Waititi was asked if he wants Valkyrie to be “explicitly queer” in the follow-up. Apparently, he’s leaving it up to Thompson to make that call. “I think so,” said Waititi. “The IP is not mine. But with the actors, I feel whatever makes them comfortable — whether they feel like there’s a natural choice, or a natural way for that character to go — then I’m pretty supportive. If Tessa wanted to do that, I’m in.”</blockquote>I feel his statement is a bit of a copout and lets him off the hook for the fall out should the character NOT be well received. Taika realizes that the IP is not his. What he didn't say was that the IP doesn't belong to Tessa either. Allowing actors to self-determine attributes and behaviors about a character is releasing control of the narrative. What Johnny Depp did to Tonto was a sin, what he did to Jack Sparrow was brilliant. Jack Sparrow had no salient backstory so there was freedom. Norse mythology and Valkyries is rich and deep with lore. Marvel mythology and Valkyrie is pretty much fluid and the MCU Valkyrie consists of a sole female at this point. This is tricky waters to navigate by Tessa and Taika. Bring back Lady Sif!!! View all replies >