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[quote]posted 9 days ago by QueenFanUSA (1799) 31 replies | jump to latest It's looking like Detective Pikachu has a very good chance of stealing the top spot this weekend, domestically. Stay tuned...[/quote]Nope. Didn't happen. PDP didn't steal the top spot. You believe wrongly and you needn't be so defensive while taking every opportunity to expound on your thought processes in accessing Disney/Marvel film performance. Box office success and performance for you is more than just Benjamins, correct? Otherwise why bring up OW, front loading, legs, holds, etc? Interesting response. WW and CM weren't competing with each other but you decided the two films warranted being compared to each other for some reason. With that stated what category did CM beat WW in? Best costume? Best OW box office? Favorite Mohawk? Best Shield and Sword play? Most tickets sold? Highest revenue in China? Best SJW moments? There is so much verbal goodness in your post!! You have earned a Thumbs Up!! The one thing about BvS that was a let down to me and maybe others, was that the death of Superman was undeserved, unmourned, meaningless and felt as a non event. Something that should have been genre shaking (knowing full well there would be a Christ-like resurrection) was devoid of any emotion. It was soulless and empty. That made the movie as forgettable as an after thought. Civil War shouldn't even be compared with or to BvS. I do agree that the film was too reliant on trying to be a teaser for a franchise without having a compelling character warranting audiences to come back for a future look at the character. Do you still think there is nothing behind the success of Captain Marvel at the Box Office? Why is it that Wonder Woman did NOT reach the success of a Marvel film helmed by Brie Larson, an actress that attracted an unwanted share of attention (negative) that didn't seem to hurt the box office. You fancy yourself a Box Office guru and expert why not share your reasonings as to what happened with the two films? Feel free to chime in with conspiracies, corporate machinations, hype or whatever. Captain Marvel continues to make these small incremental amounts of revenue and has moved up to #21 in the Domestic rankings. Does that mean anything? It means whatever you want it to in terms of popularity, audience awareness, future possibilities for the MCU etc. Personally I am waiting for the Blu-Ray release to re-enjoy the movie as well as add it to my MCU collection. I recently rewatched CM's space fight scenes versus Ronan and they were quite enjoyable. Pretty stunning how she showcased her powers. But why a couple of months what is the reason WHY it should or shouldn't be a couple of months? What is it about the story that determines the length of time. Other wise it is just an arbitrary contrivance that has no meaning. The five years passed in A:E because it took that long for an accident to happen that set events in motion. Interesting take that you feel it is the MCU movies that have something to do with the lack of an audience for Alita. If Alita was too "smart" for any audience why is that the fault of the audience? Why not just dumb down the movie? The Middle Kingdom theater goers seemed to be able discern what they want to watch without someone telling them what is smart and what is dumb. China watched CM to the tune of $154 Million and Alita came in at $133. View all replies >