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I feel like we were let down on the "why" of why he did it I'm not much of a critic, but this movie just "eh"'d me to death I didn't get this movie, really...*spoilers* Just started watching...that black guy is ticking me off We need more discussions on this show please Wtf people really think they can take out a bear with a bow? That guy really lost his fire metal?? Jesus Criminy Crawford was just an unhappy wretch of a person You know when that kid shares the fact his girlfriend is pregnant? Boy did this ever come screeching to a halt View all posts >


There really doesn't seem to be a whole lot to work with when it comes to Biden. People were upset that SNL lent credence to the notion of him having dementia through their impersonation, but I've wondered if they didn't really have much of a choice....there doesn't seem to be much to go on. Trump, on the other hand, has plenty...and Baldwin seems to have screwed it up anyway by overplaying it. His impression is so over-the-top that the lack of nuance...its just not funny, IMO. I don't think I've even chuckled these last few seems as silly as it is mean spirited. There's a lot of material to skewer Trump with, the guy is a jackass, but a more reserved impression could have done a better job of it IMO. Yeah I wouldn't classify it as OCD either, but its definitely a bit of a fixation, right? Don't get me wrong, its pretty intriguing to hear the perspective of someone who has a hang-up like you do, and how noticeable stuff is that most wouldn't even blink at. I never really thought about it before, but yeah...toothbrushing scenes are pretty ubiquitous, you must have to fast forward somewhat regularly. Did your parents have the same rule with you as a kid? About not talking while brushing your teeth? I don't think he's denying that it is. Sounds more to me like someone with a personal hang-up just wanted to vent about having to see so much of it in the show here, which...I don't know, is kind of interesting. Like someone with an aversion to feet griping about a Tarantino movie...its not the movie fact, its that the continual shots of feet kept them from enjoying what was otherwise probably a great movie. Hence the frustration. No real need to jump in with "That's YOUR problem, not the movie's pal!" Yeah...I think they get that. That's funny, I was actually wondering while watching the scene what I'd hear about it later. Because I don't know much about the law, but if that wasn't hearsay, I don't know what was. Definitely one of those moments that required actively suspending disbelief. Definitely wasn't something you'd hear at a trial...someone saying what someone else had said. Its kind of hard to take it seriously...its been around so long that it seems like it should be being said ironically. So for someone to say it seriously says more about them than anything else. Just such a silly retort that it didn't even register on my radar up there. It was a pretty by-the-numbers movie. Boy has dream, father isn't supportive, whole town throws in behind him, boy sees success, father finally proud. I just finished watching it for the first time, and am replying to a ten year old topic...because yeah, it wasn't exactly as amazing as you'd heard it made out to be, but it was also twenty years ago. Kind of an old school feel-good story that you've seen so many times by now as to not have to see the movie to know the plot. There was a mini series on that case, in case you missed was very, very good, way compelling. Its maybe two years old by now if you want to look it up...definitely worth a look. Hah awesome! I saw the similarity in the plot but didn't catch any of those, very nice! I was waaay attracted to her some months ago, but upon further inspection...I just don't know anymore, damnit. She looks weird when side by side with other people...but by herself? Those big eyes...she almost looks like Bambi brought to life as a person. Pretty exotic looking, but like...RIGHT on the line of attractive as hell or alien-ish. There was a natural charisma with Ritter, and the show was good natured enough, but dude, you're absolutely right. Every. single. episode had a scenario where two people were behind closed doors, saying things that could be interpreted by someone listening in as being of a sexual nature. Annnnd that was pretty much the show. Just kind of a goofy sleaziness where if it wasn't this situation, there was some mixup about Ritter's sexuality, and he had to pretend to be gay....or something. I remember realizing how one-note this show was back as a young teenager, when I absolutely loved it...before suddenly understanding it was always the same thing. Like the ball dropped (AhAHAHhAHAAHAHAAA!!! (how that pun would have went over in front of one of their studio audiences) after watching yet another "misunderstanding" scene, and that show was all over for me. MAN the humor in this show was thin. Still love John Ritter though, the guy exuded a certain charm that I'm not sure I've seen from any other actor since. View all replies >