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Surprisingly intense movie here Why did that General guy kill himself in the beginning part? This is like watching The Three Stooges Halloween special or something Completely unrealistic that he wasn't already with Lily Is this story padded out some? Seven episodes? Is it worth watching? Quick question about the case worker assigned to their son Anybody ever try the crack? I watched the first couple seasons of it worth catching up on? His girlfriend being "on the pipe now"? View all posts >


Lol you're welcome. Yeah I don't know what that was about...I've no idea. Weird, huh? I bet it was something to do with making sure we could see the entirety of the actors' faces at all times...or something Hollywood like that. Except in Australia. Yeah pretty good for not being a big Hollywood war movie...was definitely impressed myself. Er...not displeased =D Yeah I'm not much of a critic and I didn't care for it much either. Mainly because it was just so damn bleak and depressing...but also because no matter how I tried to finagle it, I could not picture this guy being a maniacal genius, let alone picture him as someone who could lead other people. It wasn't a bad movie, but yeah they stretched it pretty thin. And you're right...all anyone knew is that a couple guys got shot to death on the subway, and suddenly the people have decided that its a movement? I don't know...I really didn't enjoy this movie, and were it not for the hypetrain behind it, I don't think it'd have amounted to much. Seems like the MSM just decided that this was going to be a big movie, and we all kinda fell in line. So I'm going to blab a second, because I just got home from work and have the brain damage? Absolutely least with the 'jerk' part. Because James Woods specifically? Dude is an angry jerk. It doesn't get much more jerky than James Woods. The blabbing part, and I shit you not...this is absolutely true. On the way home just now, there was this asshole in a jeep, weaving in and out of traffic, hauling balls and acting like he owned the road. The highway came to the merge point, and rather than let the car next to him in, he was staying within inches of the car in front of him, revving his engine to make sure the other car knew that he meant business about this whole "not getting in front of me' thing. Apparently. He'd fall a few feet behind...rev the hell out of his engine and jump back up to close the distance. Just a way aggressive jackass in the middle of a commute we all have to share daily. And of course, out of his truck's back-end, a full size Trump 2020 flag waving in the wind "Keep America Great". And I realize its purely anecdotal, but my personal take is that Trump seems to appeal to the worst parts of us...but he definitely appeals to the worst of us. Really seems like a safe bet that anyone wearing Trump paraphernalia is more in-tune with their inner douche than the next guy. Even maybe enjoying it some. Like they've given themselves over to the dark side and can't help but relish in it some. I can see maybe being a fan of Trump's policies, but being a fan of Trump himself...yikes. Anyway, sorry I get ya =] Yeah I get it...its just that to the best of my recollection, he told her that he was in love with her...that he'd always been. And just speaking from firsthand experience of someone who's been in love with someone for most my life, I really think he'd have dang well knew it. It just seemed weird that suddenly he was like, "OMG, you know what? I've totally been in love with you forever and just didn't realize it!!" Yeah that seemed a little forced, huh? How everything seemed to come down to timing...either/or situations. They had 15+ years, and now its coming down to same night stuff? CMON! I can see your point...except Maul is speaking what is true. Watch literally any video of Mercury...he was who he was. Bucky is the one disputing reality, so seems like the onus would be on him to refute it. The movie wasn't correct...and its well known that it wasn't correct in many other ways, often times having just made up stuff for the sake of formula/drama or whatever. This is just another example of that and reality should be beyond dispute, IMO. Yeah I'm right there with you. Was virtually impossible not to sit through this movie looking for any indication at all that he had the potential to become the Joker we all know, and I don't know, I didn't really see it either. Oop, forgot to mention that. Yeah I really liked it as well. Seemed like the definitive "cute" movie. But yeah, she was beautiful enough that, unless he was gay, they'd have hooked up next to immediately, I imagine. Holy hell that was an amazing explanation...that just explained so much, so many of the scenes that'd bothered me up until that point. That makes a lot of sense..and is pretty interesting. Gave me something to chew on here a bit, thanks Kuku. Have to interject here... Its understandable that you didn't like it. But considering that the number of people who did far surpass the number who didn't, your "Avoid at all cost!" perspective is a little weird. "If you see this movie coming up on the movie channel, you change that station ASAP! Or run away from the TV covering your ears and screaming. Lest you otherwise subject yourself to a movie'll...well you'll probably like it, really. I mean...statistically speaking, that is. BUT YOU WON'T! Because man I just thought it was terribad, so...definitely don't even think about giving it a shot. Yeah I can see the weirdness in the way you went about expressing your opinion as a supposed warning. Its kind of narcissistic. Like you don't see validity in others' perspective if it doesn't match your much that you're thinking you're saving people when the reality is that you're most likely doing them a disservice. Yeah its weird man. Makes you seem kind of self absorbed. Edit, pardon, didn't read below where you realized you could have worded it different, good on ya man. View all replies >