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Is this story padded out some? Seven episodes? Is it worth watching? Quick question about the case worker assigned to their son Anybody ever try the crack? I watched the first couple seasons of it worth catching up on? His girlfriend being "on the pipe now"? Franklin's "Like a baby" the cop? So how is season three coming along? Why did they kill the pets? Please stop pre-ordering video games, you foolish, foolish bastards View all posts >


I liked Grace...but mostly because of the actress playing her, I think. She became one of my favorite actors (weird, never really thought of a favorite female actor before) immediately after finishing the movie "Hereditary". Goddang she was good in that =D Lol totally agree with you...100% and also with MovieMadness down there. Yeah she's been bent over the rails so much that she was just a sullen kid who had zero faith in others...didn't make for a very charismatic character! Yeah, the two detectives were the best part of the show. Just curious Kuku, are you aware of how this story went about being researched? How they decided to tell this particular story? Because your perspective is all about how "they" were searching for the most blatant examples available to support this narrative they wanted to weave...but how do you know that's the case? Maybe you have some insider information on the motivations behind this series, but if kind of sounds like you might be the one flailing for something to fit your own narrative here. Not trying to be a dick, but come on...this is all predicated on an assumption. And a pretty brazen one, really. What do you do a Google search? Lol honest question there...what do you know? Thanks for this Yatzo. Funny, just needed to hear something like that to keep on watching, I did, and you were spot on. Great series here, thanks again. And you're a bit argumentative lol I wouldn't call it strangely unforgiving...mostly a bit of trepidation after having sat through a few miniseries that seemed unnecessarily drawn out. Wanted to know others' impression before I invested the wasn't meant to be a scathing review or anything. Anyway, just finished up and heck yeah, that was well worth it, much tighter than I anticipated there and a great story that deserved to be handled the way it was. Yeah upon further consideration...she also has some pretty sharp features too. Like she could cut you if you moved in for a kiss too fast. Its been awhile, but I think that was my final impression of her. Still good looking, just...yeah, what you said. She's purtied up pretty good =] I don't know, Footlicker, you might have a point, but it seems a little overstated with all these groups of friends that you have. Myself? All I have is experience...and my experience has been that unless they have money, you're pretty unlikely to see an ugly guy with an attractive woman. But its also just science. Physical attraction is important...we want to pass our genes down to the most physically appealing person possible, the person who looks healthy, symmetrical, good teeth and hair, etc. Yeah, I know that it isn't always the your hordes of friends could apparently testify en masse, but there's also a phenomenon that, I forget what its called and am too lazy to look it up, you generally see people coupled with others who are similar in the looks department. Generally a 7 will be with a 7, MAYBE a 6 or an 8, but overwhelmingly we couple with those in our league...its the norm. And those that don't adhere to it absolutely stand out...its noticeable; it'll raise an eyebrow. So the battalion or two of people who make up your buddy brigade aren't representative IMO, you're completely wrong on this issue, should probably be embarrassed about it and I'll accept your apology if it helps with that any. Listen, I got biology on my side. BIOLOGY! Call me inexperienced, I GOT NOTHING BUT EXPERIENCE! Okay I'm done, ur wrong. Btw, you seem to be talking about people scoring...getting laid, while I'm talking about couples, long term. Just...another way you're wrong, I guess =D IMO, I think she was young...very susceptible to the perspectives of those around her...and feeling like she was being doubted made her to doubt herself. And the cops...shoot, I thought their position was understandable. I mean, considering the information they had at their disposal, the number of times her story had changed, I don't think you could really paint them as being unnecessarily obtuse here, let alone being so bad that they could never realistically exist. I don't know, this show seems to be on par with others that are as well written, where it seems like its getting harder and harder to find a sole person to lay the blame on. This was definitely not the cops' finest work, but it also seems like the circumstances just kind of came together in a shitty way for all involved here. Of course, I'm saying this only half way into the second episode here. Well...glad I asked. The better the writing gets on TV shows in general, the harder it seems to waste time on the ones that aren't up to snuff. Especially when the characters behave in an unbelievable way solely for the plot to be able to progress? That seems like an indication of some subpar writing. Drama for the sake of drama gets a bit boring...and with this show, you've now got two different series that are doing the same thing in parallel, which seems to make it that much more obvious. Wish they'd have spent the whole first couple of seasons on just the initial process of the word being taken over by zombies. Have the power grid go down at the end of the season, rather than episode two or three. That level of slow =] I don't know...watching it now and seems to be...I'd say really similar, but its friggin cookie cutter 'exactly' like a number of movies that came before it. You know what this genre needs? You ever see the "Walk Hard" Dewey Cox story? The parody of the musician bio? It seems like this type of film has been done so much that they're hitting the exact same beats...the only difference seems to be the actresses =P Good choreography here though, that's for sure. Maybe there's some twist or something coming...I'll keep watching. View all replies >