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Please stop pre-ordering video games, you foolish, foolish bastards Anyone watch a lot of HBO as a kid...back in the eighties? The Dark Phoenix storyline has got to be cursed, plain and simple What are those noises coming out of their mouth holes?? What is that mask thing he wears? "I might just build a spaceship, you don't know!" So...there was never any explanation for why Hulk wouldn't come out during Infinity War? A boring question about economic stuff I don't understand... Didn't enjoy Sansa getting crowned Just saw this and...its pretty good! View all posts >


Its crazy, the amount of stuff that people can read into things these days. Kind of hard to tell who has the actual agenda, the person complaining or the media they're complaining about =P Except often its not, like in this instance. I agree...and am replying to you in particular because of your use of "horrifying", which has to be the best descriptor for what it felt seeing Spidey getting his ass kicked the way he was with all those illusions. Yeah, this was a great villain, and although I've heard it said that the stakes were low as compared to other Avenger movies, they weren't for Spidey and therefore weren't for me. His best friend and girlfriend'd lives were at stake...that was enough IMO. Well the more episodes I watch...I think I'm up to seven now, the more I like the show. The characters seem to grow on you. I like the son...and also the Mom...she does a great job, it looks like she's having fun. Yeah I'll keep it up, thanks leader. Season 4, huh? So glad to have found this little'll be fun getting there =] Just got were about three years too early. Buh bye. That sucks, JUST started watching it the other night and have really been enjoying it more and more. These actors are amazing in these roles...every one of them. God the daughter is so hot, goddang... Stop focusing on the stalking? Dude, that's what instigated it. Zimmerman instigated it, gun in pocket, after explicitly being told to back off. Nobody knows exactly what happened, but we DO know that it could have been prevented had Zimmerman not tried to play cop and confront a kid who was just walking home from the store. IMO? Zimmerman deserved to get his ass beat. He wouldn't have been near as brave as he was without that was likely the only reason he chose to confront, which in other words, is arming yourself and then going to look for trouble. He's since proven himself a complete jackass, he's a decrepit excuse for a human being, and people who stand behind him now are making it pretty plain what they're all about. Also, I don't know about you, but most people can't pick and choose what they focus on and just blot out the rest. Sounds like that might be your cup of tea, but telling someone else to do the same makes you seem like an idiot. Can you? Kk everybody, some random dude on the internet said it, so...there we go. Never mind the hyperbole, he knows what he's talking about. He can assure you. See, I'd use horrific when talking about a double homicide involving would most people, I'd imagine. Using that term to refer to a movement that exists solely to see justice being served says more about you than them. Maybe you're right though, GM, who knows? You want to expand some? Assure me? Yes...this! SEE?? Ah yeah, that's too bad, sorry to hear that Mojo, but yeah, that BS! ROFL Well they didn't want me to say anything, but those people behind you? Omg they hate you so hard. Its crazy, right?? I mean...its not like you're everything wrong with the world today haha but no you really are though. You and your pre-ordering buddies...ruining everything! Lol too funny...nice to meet you Shogun, destroyer of good =] View all replies >