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That black woman got friggin screwed Okay this is great, a very well told story here, but the wife lady? "She doesn't like chocolate..." What did his friend see that made him leave? Uma Thurman's feet Anyone who questions white privilege should see this movie Remember when you were little Would you watch this movie twice? Trying to watch it now...but wtF*** is up with this soundtrack? Anyone see her on SNL last night? Curious about your opinion... View all posts >


I don't know, they were in a power struggle throughout a lot of the movie, they both seemed to see through each other...there seemed to be a lot more under the surface there. Haha good man! But did you miss it when the boss guy actually points him out as being the one who sent the fax? He said something like, I'm not going to name names...and then it cut back to him a moment later, "it was definitely agent whatsisname". Then it cuts to the goofy agent who said something in his defense, I forget what, but he wasn't selling it that well, seemed a bit sheepish...I'll have to watch that part again, but it seemed like they really put him in the hot spot for that. But overall I thought this was a pretty impressive series for how they showed the humanity of everyone, you know? Aside from Jerry at the top, who seemed like a massive douche, they didn't seem out to demonize anyone as much as show their humanity, you know? Really liked the way they went about that. Well remember that the Romans resisted Christianity at first. You've heard of them throwing Christians to the lions and all that, right? That's likely not true, apparently, but they DID view Christianity as somewhat of a threat to their way of governance and treated its followers with some least for the few hundred years it took for their emperor Constantine to convert to the religion himself. There's some History Channel show, "The Rise of Christianity" that does a pretty good job at describing the "why" of how Christianity likely took off, and one of the most popular theories is that Christianity was the first religion that really appealed to the underclass, the poorest people, of which there were shitloads in Roman society. For the reason you stated, but also because apparently the religion that was popular at the time required some status for was difficult for the poorer people to participate in. Along comes a religion that's like, "Hey poor people, guess what? Its you...the meek, the dirty broke bastards, that the kingdom of heaven belongs to!" And people were like, "'re goddamn right it does!" and flocked into the flock. Anyway, I would guess that Jesus did actually exist, but he became more than just a man as his legend grew. Yeah that's the reason I stay nice and un-bulked, myself. Definitely don't want all those muscles slowing me down on the way to the fridge or wherever =P Dude wasn't THAT bulked though. He had muscle, but he sure didn't look like the body builder far as I could tell anyway. LOL Well done =D I agree...a much better film than I thought it'd be going into it. Definitely had a great deal of tension throughout...much more than I'd expected. They really did well, and yeah she was at the top of her game. She hid the suit earlier, when she first came to the house and found it? She stashed it somewhere...then took it with her after killing him to hide the evidence, I guess. But I agree that after killing him, she came back out way too fast to watch him die. Didn't seem like she'd had enough time to change out of it. In fact, it wasn't until the cop saw it in her bag that I knew for sure that it'd been her, and not some accomplice, somehow. Lol so this. I've written paragraphs to describe what you just did in a single sentence, well done. Goddang genious thread idea. I'll post to it tomorrow...well done! The talkative-as-hell guy? I don't know...he seems to take himself so un-seriously that its actually a little odd thinking he's actually a federal agent. Has been a little hard not to like the guy some. Especially when he was the goofus that faxed the case over to the media by now THAT was pretty funny stuff, dude seems like quite the character. View all replies >