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Wasn't he supposed to be an alcoholic in beginning of film? I thought Genysys was pretty good tbh. I thought it would have been absolutely incredible if they had somehow got Ed Furlong to be John Connor, I made a thread about it on the Genisys board [quote]Its the only way a Bond film cannot be racist.[/quote] Whatabout Indian? Or... Jewish?? Ppl go off and do their own things. Happens in entertainment industry, happens with music bands too. And Hello to everyone that found 😉 Eh he got shot in the shoulder. He did get sniped in the chest but his kevlar vest would have saved his life there. That's a good reply Otter, thanks. Yes if he did love Sansa then his actions really did not make much sense from perspective of most heterosexual men. Yes that's also what puzzles me. Did you read my reply above. Yes the show did not give good insight on this. I mean he proclaims this, but Sansa's retort is more convincing ("If you loved me why did you betray me, if you loved me why did you give me away"). After scrutiny he comes off as a crazed and bitter homosexual, I don't know if the TV creators intended this. Or just a weird puzzling character, that behaved erratically ultimately. Nice list. I also made a list of most beautiful women ([url][/url]), except no one cares about it or my blog View all replies >