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Suitable for kids? Gosh those.... What a beauty Not attractive at all So hot Halloween recommendations for 8-10 yr old girls.. What are some great Halloween movie recommendations for 8 to 10 year old girls ? Isabel Arraiza Bold scenes anywhere? The elder (spoilers) View all posts >


Lmao.. true that! Nice list.... my daughter took a while to get over 'scary stories to tell in the dark'... so keeping it light with 'twilight zone' (older series) at the moment :) hey thanks.... will try check them out.. No he is not I know right! He set the scenes alight! You think so? Seemed au naturel to me BoP trailer just looks horrible! !! Does anyone know why "Lost girls and love hotels" is not out yet?...... it has been in post production status (on IMDB), like foreverrrrr!!! Hahaha Nice!.. Why do you have to assume that?.. I have to find her attractive to get a gf?.. I get no credit for finding Carrie more attractive than her.. I seem to be doomed :D Yes.. I'm a sucker for those View all replies >