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What a beauty Not attractive at all So hot Halloween recommendations for 8-10 yr old girls.. What are some great Halloween movie recommendations for 8 to 10 year old girls ? Isabel Arraiza Bold scenes anywhere? The elder (spoilers) Nice work in 'The Prodigy' Scarjo??? View all posts >


Hahaha Nice!.. Why do you have to assume that?.. I have to find her attractive to get a gf?.. I get no credit for finding Carrie more attractive than her.. I seem to be doomed :D Yes.. I'm a sucker for those Fair point... Sentimental nostalgia might be overwhelmingly in favor of Carrie.. And sad that Daisy associated with the most underwhelming trilogy of the series.. doing her no favors... Er em.. She doesn't have to be 'sexy' but at least she could have some redeeming attractive qualities to herself.. This is a female lead role in arguably the biggest movie franchise.. Comparable how?.. Carrie had a nation fixated and fantasizing about her in a way that is far above what Daisy could ever achieve.... Her character was iconic, relevant and feminine.. Attractive in a way which celebrated her sexiness.... None of that is seen in this latest version of 'bland' Rey... And this is the main character!... Wow, thanks but can't find anything like listed on imdb.. What gives yea, some things to observe and understand... you never know, she might be keen.... even the kids shows on TV nowdays use great special effects, so maybe rewind time a little bit... will look up the first one... Halloweentown and Hocus Pocus were some considerations but my daughter sensed through the trailers that they are 'old looking movies'... hahaha... This ultra HD generation is hard to please haha... how times have changed you mean to work her way to the top.... she is nowhere near it...other than top ratings in the looks department View all replies >