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OBAMAGATE!!!!!!!!! Why is she a moron? Rewatched this for the first time since '96 yesterday! Interesting perceptions Just tried watching this. No likeable characters Wow. She is beautiful and so talented! This is probably the most realistic movie to what Wuhan is going through Shouldn't this be The Batwoman? Charles Logan is reborn He is ADAM SCHIFF!!! Was the Henry character foreshadowing for Adam Schiff? View all posts >


Yeah wtf? Lol Wow. TF? That's crazy! Do you even lift, bro? She was in The Lost Boys. From that alone, royalty! There’s another theory that the boy is also a tether, and the real boy was swapped when burned in an accident Wow, great theory! Even though it's unconfirmed by the director and everyone involved, it seems plausible. I've watched the series, big mama. I love the character, even though I think he's a psychopath. Heck I have friends who are clinical psychopaths. I don't like it, but it's part of the charm of a psychopath I guess, lol. Yes. But love can run deep, and if you can empathize that your partner was going through a mental breakdown at the time (which it seems Andy can), then I can see how they can be forgiven. <spoiler>If Jacob was dead it might be a different story though.</spoiler> That's the easy theory. My alternative theory is that somebody else killed him, some other student who knew Jacob and knew the guilty association was a dream come true. It could be Derek, or someone the viewers haven't been introduced to before. I think the show could go in that direction, while teasing us that it could be Jacob. There's no doubt that the kid has got problems, and at worst is a psychopath. But that doesn't mean that he's guilty. Plenty of psychopaths exist without killing - I know, I've worked with them lol. Dude this is the average marriage. A little bit of sarcasm perhaps, but most importantly there's a glue binding them all among the chaos with Andy. Rocky marriages can survive if you have a cool head navigating the family through choppy waters. Also, most importantly, when things are good, they love each other, and they seems to like each other. View all replies >