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It’s confirmed, Heather is a hottie! At least we know who the high profile pedophiles are Throwback to when Chrissy Teigen deleted thousands of pedophile tweets Is she out yet, where did she go? Jesus was white Audrina is the worst OBAMAGATE!!!!!!!!! Why is she a moron? Rewatched this for the first time since '96 yesterday! Interesting perceptions Just tried watching this. No likeable characters View all posts >


He didn’t win anything, they cheated. Who??? Mockingjay Part II Mockingjay Part I Catching Fire Hunger Games Depends where it is... and probably not as common now with all of the social justice and critical race theory fascism suppressing people. But I was in LA about 15 years ago, and a premiere screening of Land of the Dead was very lively. It was fun! Yes. But it would depend on the time between firing the billets, and the police’s ability to gather evidence that she took too long. Damn, sentencing takes a ridiculously long time. That explains the void of information, thanks. Nah he's always been a douche. Even his temporary arc in becoming a "decent" person seemed fake, like he was putting on an act. Things like hiding the medal of honor from Sam is his default nature. Like he has to try hard NOT to be a d*ck. The difference is that Miguel has to try hard TO BE a d*ck. Accurate. In this show if anything, Daniel is too self-righteous to be in touch with his own immaturity and his knee jerk tendency to overreact and assume the worst in people. Loved the ending. What do you mean? She is the most bangable out of all the bangables. View all replies >