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What are you on about? Don't know what you're talking about tbh, but in the middle of the movie I was thinking that maybe Tau actually [i]was[/i] a person, one of the previous captives who's mind was transferred to the computer, and what Alex was planning to do to Julia next. Yeah it was. But why the comparison? Because this felt/looked a bit like an Alex Garland movie? I suppose it did., I guess I can see the comparison between this and Ex Machina though cos of the AI stuff. That's very odd, and dumb. Good way to get spoiled. It seems like this series was maybe meant to have taken place much earlier but they just left it too long to make it, idk. Just pretend it's set in 2010 or something. Why are you telling me this? Digital noise reduction. The digital removal of film grain from an image. A sequel? Wow. If they were going to make more Vikings, they should have just done another season of the main show and it properly rather than starting a new one. Not interested. I watched it (and Angel) for the first time ever this year, and I found them to be pretty ahead of their time (TV storytelling wise). So I agree it's definitely aged well in that regard. But look/feel, is obviously very 90s/early 2000s if you watch the original 4x3 SD version. The HD version may look more modern but they DNR'd the ever loving shit out of it which is a shame. Not sure what version you saw. I started with the HD versions but switched to SD during season 3 I think it was. Tru View all replies >