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Timeline of events regarding the franchise and the doll? "Do not commit the crime for which you now stand accused" The Killer's Plan (*spoilers*) View all posts >


I think you're probably right right? that one always caught me as odd. I do think the other commenters probably have it right though, that it was more aimed at telling him not to become a guy who would deserve the prison sentence he was serving. but yes the wording makes it sound like a treason warning, that always caught me off guard Interesting post. I have to say I'm not so sure Jeffrey Jones plays a similar role in both. In Amadeus the emperor is basically swept up along with everyone else in admiring and applauding Mozart, it's Ferris's sister and Salieri who are similar. But I agree that Mozart in this movie and Ferris are that same type of "can do no wrong" golden boy character. View all replies >