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Actually that teacher is right. It is NOT his job to break up fights, let alone a rumble. That is why schools have security guards. His job does not require him to put himself in harms way, especially after witnessing a colleague being injured while doing so. And if they tried to discipline him in anyway, his Union would be all over them and make sure that he was protected. And school would rather the teachers not get involved at that point. Like the one who did and got hurt, well now he's on paid medical leave while he recovers, and school is footing his medical bill. Indiana Jones????!!!! Maybe they planned on doing a story line with him in season 2, but they saw how much everybody HATED him in season 1 and just decided not to use him. But they couldn't just pretend like he never existed, so they gave him 1 scene in the last episode to explain where he was all season, and to remind of us how much we hate him. Yes Daniel was a victim. Now he did make some stupid and hot-headed mistakes that worsened his situation, but he was still the victim none the less. Good thing I have you here to make my points for me. What is Cobra Kai's mantra??? "Strike First. Strike Hard. No Mercy." Miguel started the brawl. Striking First. Miguel had Robby beat. Striking Hard. Miguel shows mercy and releases Robby, allowing him the opportunity strike him in a way that severally injures him. Oops. Cobra Kai is an all or nothing deal. Miguel tried to do 2/3, and suffered the consequences. Let me break this down in a way you might understand. Option 1: Miguel doesn't get involved in Sam/Tory, or he helps Robby break it up. He doesn't get hurt because he chose the nothing route. Option 2: He does start the brawl, but doesn't let Robbie up. Instead he finishes the fight, and walks away victorious. Expelled and probably going to Juvie, but victorious. This is the 100% Cobra Kai way. Option 3: Starts the brawl, but shows mercy to Robbie, and gets injured for it. This is the middle of road way, and the worst possible choice. Kreese's message is "No Mercy". Johnny was trying to keep all of the other Cobra Kai mantra, but with "Some Mercy". Miguel tried to do it that way got hurt, whereas had he shown no mercy he would have walked away from that fight victorious. If you're going to do things the Cobra Kai way, then you better go all the way with it, including not showing mercy. You can't pick and choose what parts you want to follow. That leaves you vulnerable. Disappointing because she was another character who was in an interesting position at the end of season 2. She and Miguel were the only Cobra Kai's who didn't buy into Kreese, and she was fiercely loyal to Johnny. So I don't see her staying with CK. Which means they will all turn on her now, including Tory who she was friendly with. And will Sam be willing to forgive her and be friends again? And if there is a Myagi Dojo in the future, will they let her in, and who will she feel about Robby. I have a feeling it will be stated that her parents were freaked out by the rumble, and pulled her out of that school and into a private one, and no longer want her going to Cobra Kai. (2) Then at the tournament, during their moment of triumph, the police raid them, and they're all arrested, except Miguel, who put a hidden camera in his bag and caught Kreese ordering the robberies, and others admitting to them. The tape was enough evidence to get a warrant on the dojo, and the police found all the evidence while the Kai's were all at the tournament. This all part of Daniel and Johnny's plan. (1)Tory has to get expelled from school, and possibly face charges from the LaRusso's. I was hoping she would have disappeared after the brawl, and not even her fellow Cobra Kai's would have known where she was. Then she would make some big dramatic return sometime in the middle of the season. However after a rewatch I saw her in the dojo with Kreese at the end. She was to the far left of the room, and her face is only shown once. Perhaps she will start the season in Juvie, and then return. Robbie might be more interesting. Does he get expelled from school? He didn't start it, and was acting as a peace keeper, until attacked. However he did continue the fight when it could have been over, and he severely injured someone and could have killed them. I think ultimately Daniel speaks on his behalf and he is reinstated. And eventually lets him come back to live with them. Miguel does recover, and eventually returns to karate. But Kreese gets in his ear, and points out that it was Johnny's mercy that almost got him killed, so he turns his back on Johnny and rejoins Cobra Kai. He wins the All-Valley Tournament again and everyone is so happy for him, not realizing that he's basically a bad guy again. Daniel goes to Okinawa and finds out more about the Myagi family. He regains his focus and returns bound and determined to defeat Cobra Kai. He recruits Johnny to help him, who has been in a drunk haze ever since the brawl. When he first goes back to the dojo he's thrilled to see that Sam has been leading a class of Aisha, Robbie, Demetri, and a few of the others. Cobra Kai runs roughshot over not only the school, but the whole town. In order to help Kreese make his rent payments (this was not addressed by the way. Why would the landlord make this deal? Kreese was homeless, why would you trust him to pay his rent on time instead of just keeping Johnny?) They begin doing petty theft, and mugging people. Exactly. Miguel got hurt because he was trying to do things the "New Cobra Kai" way, and showed his opponent mercy. Had he done things the traditional Cobra Kai way, he would have choked Robbie out, and left him unconscious on the ground. Instead he took the middle of the road way, and was seriously injured. View all replies >