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THAT'S NOT TRUE!!!!! Nobody was hoping for his character to return. I always wondered if Roanoke was a bluff by Linoge. And that maybe he wasn't the reason that colony disappeared, but he had the news reporter mention it in everyone's dream just to scare them about what he could do to them. There's a couple of details that don't make complete sense when you think about it, which is what makes me wonder. 1) Why would he have been in North America at that time? There were only two European settlements at that point (Spain had St. Augustine). So if you did get an heir, what would you do? Hang around the colony that just gave the kid to you? And if they didn't and you marched them into the ocean, then you're stuck there alone waiting for passage back to Europe, or you would have to target a Native American tribe. 2) Why would he wait 400 years before trying to again to acquire an heir? I know he said he's thousands of years old, and will still live at least a hundred more. But if he was worried about his mortality in late 16th century, and failed to gain an heir at Roanoke, why not try again a few years later? And he does make it seem like he was the one who did Roanoke. Do you think Daniel could have gotten all those people and animals out of the house, and had everything cleaned up perfectly to how it was before Miranda came home in a few hours? Of course he couldn't. Even if the neighbor hadn't narc'd on him, Miranda would have come home with the party still going, or even if it was over the house would still be a wreck. She would freak out, and they would have gotten a divorce. Sand people stole the hard top to it, thus making space travel in a LAND speeder impossible. One afternoon at the Cantina: Mr. Wanted pulls out a blaster and fires a shot. Another guy pulls out a lightsaber and lobs off the guys arm. Moments later, a human shots a creature connected to a known gangster, while sitting at a table. He then casually walks out, giving the bartender some money for the mess. During both incidents, the other patrons briefly looked up from their own conversations to see what was happening, then went back to their conversations without giving a second thought. The Cantina, and probably all of Mos Esley, was probably the perfect place for a wanted man to hide. Not even Boba Fett would have been crazy enough to claim a bounty in there. Greedo was stupid enough to, and it went as one would expect it too. The Praetorians had already left when they came to get Maximus. Then they may spent all night taking him in the opposite direction. He may not have known right away which direction to go. Also his injuries may have been a factor at that point. He may have needed extra rest, and not been able to maintain the breakneck pace he started at. Also as others have mentioned there were times when he was barely able to stay conscious while riding. His horse could have wondered off in the wrong direction. The bridge could still be useful to the Americans, and make it easier for them to move troops quickly, as we see them doing at the end. While it wasn't as important to them as it was to the Germans, it still could provide value if intact. Blowing the bridge was a measure of last resort. They would have rather the bridge not exist than to have it under German control. They set the explosives on the bridge early because they weren't sure when the German attack would come and wanted to be ready in case it came before their reinforcements arrived. When Captain Miller arrived, he helped them set up a plan to fight off a German attack, with blowing the bridge being the back up plan. No. This movie would never get made in 1960's Hollywood. And Rick wouldn't have taken a part like that when his career was going good. He didn't start becoming the bad guy until things started drying up for him. So you want Kyle in 1984 to write a book and do lectures and seminars about how he is from a future where the machines have wiped out most of humanity, and he was sent back in time to warn everyone??? Best case scenario for that would be him being looked at like how most reasonable people look at Alex Jones. Just another crazy conspiracy theorist, who is trying to profit off peoples paranoia. He would have a small cult like following, but ultimately be written off as crazy or a con man. Even if the things he were saying did come true. And he wouldn't have all the knowledge of the chain of events that lead to judgement day anyways. We only learn about Cyberdine and Dyson from Arnold, who was probably programmed by Skynet with that info. Most records that humans could access were lost in the war. But most likely he would try to stop it and just be locked up like Sarah was. Skeletal remains may have still been in there, as well as parts of the raft or Alex's bathing suit. Non meat objects would probably take much longer to process in a sharks digestive system, if ever. Most likely the license plate had been in there for a long time. View all replies >