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Disconnect People who dislike Midsommar are dumber than a box of rocks. FACT (not opinion). people who don't get Midsommar are dumber than a box of rocks. un-ignored ok, you semi retarded dimwits "still" do NOT get what i'm saying. Luke will agree that Midsommar covers the gamut of what great film making should be, and then some. saying Midsommar is not great is like saying the sun is not great. or, like saying that calculus doesn't make sense. if someone said the life giving sun is not great, yes, that would make them dumb (and dead). Midsommar "transcends" my and your "opinion" about it. get it now? what you think, what i think DOESN'T MATTER! it's like saying Mozart isn't great. if you really think Mozart isn't great, then let's see you do better?! you cannot because it's just great. it's that black and white. yes, some things in this world are great whether crybaby trolls like it or not. starting to get the picture yet? yes! that's right, you lose crybabies!!! re-ignored. Sam, i just now loaded this window incognito/private session, and saw your comment. So, I momentarily un-ignored you so i could reply, but have since re-ignored you again. what your crybaby lack of reading comprehension brain missed is that i actually stated that people who don't like Midsommar are too dumb get it. Midsommar's greatness has nothing to do with whether I like it or not. i also told you this yesterday, but you're too stupid to grasp the concept, or chose to not even read what i wrote. either way, now you're stating falsities about me. see what i mean Luke? these crybaby trolls just never quit, and even try to put words in my mouth to keep their crying session going. they sure are pathetic, right? midsommar is definitely on another level. i knew it from the moment i saw the trailer. i hadn't been to the theater in over 5 years, and i saw it twice before the summer was over! what a film! wow! ari aster knocked it outta the park, no doubt! i can't wait to see what he does next! no, i haven't seen company of wolves. i will definitely check it out soon, thanks Luke! I agree Luke. The Midsommar board could easily be 100 pages long with discussion of this amazing masterpiece. Just yesterday, I tried to comment about Midsommar, and two trolls attacked me until I was forced to ignore them. Like little crybabies, they're so mentally frustrated because they're too stupid to get why the film is so great, so they lash out. ignored. it is YOU that cannot read. i said those who didn't get the movie were dumb. midsommar's greatness has nothing to do with what i think of it. more whining? oh look! an ignore button. that's one way to shut you crybabies up! you started whining as soon as i left a comment. does that count? keep your money, i don't want it. i give you credit: you're just like all the rest of the crybabies that whine about Midsommar. you crybabies need to suck it real bad. get the pacifiers out, these two don't know how to shut the hell up! ^^^^^ then i'll give a caption instead: baby sucking pacifier ^^^^^^ [url][/url] [url][/url] crybabies stop whining crybaby. you couldn't appreciate one of the best movies made in the last decade, and that makes you an infant minded fool. suck it, and stfu. you're all over it luke. it's great to see someone out here that appreciated the film as much as i did. yes, Midsommar is one of the best movies in the last 20 years! stay at the kids' table, and go suck on your pacifier cry baby. you're not ready for the big time yet.