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What's your biggest weakness? I'm thinking of a Mexican guy. Did you feel "sorry" for the robots in this video? Movies that make you feel "immersed"? I hate life. Action movies that are more about stealth than brute force? Do you think they'll continue the trilogy they had planned? For John I liked the movie! (contains spoilers) Boys and girls of every age.... View all posts >


Someone who she can get along with and love. That's true. Yep! See my reply to TexasJack. You got the last name right, at least. Fine, another hint: His last name is a common Spanish noun, and is easy for English-speakers to translate. No one has got it still. I'll give you a small hint: he is an actor. Nobody has the answer so far. Nah, keep watching those cartoons! Hehe! Nope. View all replies >