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The past few years have made me even more aware of racial injustice. Are you an adventurous eater? I have an urge to set things on fire now. "Return to your homes. A curfew is in effect." Earth is such a beautiful planet. Is Donald Trump immature? Pretend that the Area 51 raid actually took place. What do you think of Paul the alien? Are you sexually/romantically frustrated? I fried a frozen cod filet in leftover sausage fat. (BlogChat) View all posts >


1. How do you know most crimes are intraracial then? Again, there could be cases that are false postives (such as black people being wrongly accused.) 2. Police still need to better trained to deal with all kinds of situations. Police aren't perfect, they suffer from errors of human nature too. 1. Many of these illegal immigrants just want to find jobs in a land of opportunity. They just want to make a living and not cause trouble. They are hard working. 2. Most of the current black Americans are descended from those slaves, though. It would be unreasonable for them to go to Africa which isn't even their home to begin with. I think the reason Asians fared better than black people (for the most part) is their innate hard-working, industrious culture. I would also argue though that African culture of black Americans has been forcefully destroyed by white people through the effects of slavery and discrimination. Whether I think that's the liberals' or conservatives' fault I will not answer. 3. It can be argued that: "why would we need a "white" classification to begin with, anyway"? Europeans have even bickered amongst themselves in the past over who was superior. The Germans, for example, didn't see the Polish as their equals, even though nowadays they would both be considered "white" in America. It's probably better just to celebrate the different heritages of Europe rather than what is "white", which is a vague, subjective term to begin with. Perhaps, but black people are still affected a great deal than white people, I've heard. And that also shows we can't be race or color blind, anyway. Awesome! 1. Too welcoming? How so? There are a lot of deportations of undocumented immigrants going on in America, Europe, and other countries. 2. The ancestors of black Americans were indeed forced to be in this country. Remember something called slavery? Black people have been able to adapt to American life for the most part but it's simply not enough to overcome the institutional prejudice and discrimination going on against them. 3. There's tons of ways white people are celebrated. Sayings like "Blondes have more fun," are "Luck of the Irish", and festivals like Oktoberfest celebrate white culture. And despite people arguing to the contrary, white people still are looked at as the standard of beauty for the West. Yes, white people make up most of the West, but again, a democratic society should be welcoming to even the smallest groups (which I addressed in point one.) Okay. 1. Have all the black people been known to commit their suspected crimes or were they falsely accused? There could be some false positives in the data because of forced confessions, juror biases, and whatnot. 2. The black community has been critical of itself at times, too. Many black activists have spoken up about issues that are under their community's control. But still, we can't minimize the issues of police brutality and racial profiling. They are still very real in our society. Kumusta po! Mabuti! (Sorry, while I do understand a lot of Tagalog, I can't really speak or write it well....) But since America is a diverse democracy, shouldn't it be more welcoming to its minorities? Any black standards of beauty are influenced by the dominant white culture (hair straightening, for instance.) A few things: 1. There are some anti-white racists who do want to exterminate white people, but that's not representative of the whole population. Most simply just want to co-exist. 2. There may be some black icons, but still the overwhelming majority of models and actors/actresses are white. Even then I'm sure for those black people that are admired, people also take into account their personality, not just their looks. (That doesn't mean they aren't visually stunning, it's also their personality also makes them shine.) This is opposed to many white icons who are admired and revered just for their looks. 3. Even if you discount the previous point, People magazine is only one source. Still the overwhelming standard of physical beauty are white people. White men and women are the most sought after partners in dating sites by everyone for example. White people in a lot of commercials. White people everywhere in the media. 4. Every month is "white history month". White American accomplishments are always celebrated. 5. It will never be the case where the Oscars are too black, unless black people become the political and social majority in the West. If so, then why is America still violent? View all replies >