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This PPV is very special to me I hate Phil and Lil in this movie *Spoilers* Favorite Christmas Episodes of different shows The Christmas Picture *Spoilers* Favorite Episode from Each Season Favorite Episode from Each Season Favorite Episode from Each Season Favorite Episode from Each Season Thanksgiving Episode *Spoilers* Favorite Thanksgiving Episodes View all posts >


*Spoilers for F13* Don't forget about Mrs. Voorhees! Well, I can kind of understand Tommy. Dil was a pain in the butt. LOL Thank you! And when Lil said "You don't gots a bestest friend no more. All you gots is a brother." Bump Grandpa Lou and Stu Too many to list, but I'll do 5 :) 1) Chocolate With Nuts 2) Christmas Who? 3) Your Shoe's Untied 4) Scaredy Pants 5) Valentine's Day I loved it! Ultimate Warrior/Randy Savage is one of my top 10 WWE matches of all time, and I found Sensational Sherri entertaining and hilarious, and then the perfect ending with Savage and Elizabeth reuniting much to the fans delight. Oh, I like it, too. :) While I do agree her mean comments to Dan's new girlfriend were out of line, I can kind of understand. Her sister passed away, and Dan is like her brother. They were all really close, so it's understandable. At least they buried the hatchet. Ricky: These are my best pair of blue jins! Lucy: They maybe your best blue "jins," but they're disgraceful. Ricky: He can't put his tuttle in that thin. Lucy: Little Ricky, you can't put your tuttle in that thin. BUMP View all replies >