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Ricky: These are my best pair of blue jins! Lucy: They maybe your best blue "jins," but they're disgraceful. Ricky: He can't put his tuttle in that thin. Lucy: Little Ricky, you can't put your tuttle in that thin. BUMP Or Ray would have left her because of her snotty attitude Bump I agree, this is a really good episode I Love Lucy Leave It to Beaver Father Knows Best The Honeymooners I agree with you about the episode, "Ruff Goin'." Also, I didn't like it when Carrie was sick, and had Holly cooking for her, and then when Holly got sick, Carrie didn't care, and still made her do stuff for her. In this episode, Ray finds out that Marie wants a family portrait photo for Christmas. Debra doesn't like the idea because it would mean spending the whole day with Frank and Marie, and they're already spending their whole holiday with them, anyway. Ray ends up talking her into it. Debra misses her parents, so comes up with the idea that she, Ray, and the kids spend Christmas Eve in Connecticut with her parents, and then Christmas Day with Frank and Marie. At first, Marie is okay with it, but then gets upset when she finds out that she won't be able to see the kids on Christmas morning come downstairs to open their presents. Ray, in a tight spot, says it would be an awful lot of driving. On picture day, Robert shows up in his uniform because he just got off work but he brought a change of clothes. He's also upset that Amy can't be in the picture. Marie says that when Amy's a Barone she can be in the picture. Debra's parents, Warren and Lois show up for the picture. Ray knew nothing about this. Debra invited them since she won't be seeing them at Christmas. This is Debra's revenge against Marie. Ray tries to talk to both Marie and Debra, but they're both too stubborn. Eventually, he snaps at everyone saying he's done trying to make them all happy, with huge applause from the audience. The photographer takes quit a few pictures, so they could easily have taken separate ones. Debra also, like I said, could have invited her parents to stay with them over Christmas. LOL, of course Yeah, but I flinch more when he's climbing through the window and steps on the ornaments. View all replies >