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The Haunted Mask II Halloween Lucy Cries Wolf *Spoilers* Very disturbing *Spoilers* Predictions House Rules and Handle With Care One scene I didn't get *Spoilers* Happy Birthday, Tina Louise! Favorite and Least Favorite Episode from each season Favorite and Least Favorite Episode from each season View all posts >


Bump Well, I wouldn't say a villain, but he was pretty mean in this one. I think he was jealous of Woody, just like Woody was jealous of Buzz, and he seemed to feel guilty about his actions in part 2. I just saw it and really liked it. :) 1. The Wallpaper 2. The Walk to the Door 3. Fighting In-Laws 4. Christmas Present 5. Silent Partners 6. Fairies 7. The Canister 8. Ally's Birth 9. What Good Are You? 10. The Author I noticed a lot of people on here seem to dislike Hawkeye, and I don't understand why. Oh, I like part I better, too, a lot, I just thought part II was darker Bump 1. Debra Makes Something Good 2. Robert's Divorce 3. The Tenth Anniversary 4. Robert's Rodeo 5. Debra's Workouts 6. The Christmas Picture 7. Someone's Cranky 8. No Thanks 9. Cousin Gerard 10. Confronting the Attacker Awesome :) Halloween 4, actually. What's yours? View all replies >