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O'Keefe's accent So gross Camille Grammer's personality Travis' death Season 2 more explicit/"vulgar" than season 1? What cartoon character does Ola look like? So, whose were the other pair of hands Hate this freaky cr*p Sounds so Dutch View all posts >


Having gross moles removed has nothing to do with fighting age. Moles have nothing to do with aging. It's taking care of yourself. Yeah, but I think they grew Yeah, that's it. She has such a charming sweet face....but then... that thing... I just watched Fire Saga but couldn't even see past it anymore. Super distracting in every scene. Cos I can't get over someone, let alone a beautiful woman, walking around with that. Also, I don't understand how studio bosses or whatever don't request it or even demand it to be removed. Few minutes and it's gone. How is this not good? Grow up. Jennifer Morrison x Marg Helgenberger 🙂 It's the same producers. Although I'm not sure exactly if producers do more than taking care of the financing. I saw him on an English talkshow once (Graham Norton show) and found him remarkably unpleasant. Never looked at him the same way since. I came on here to ask the same question. Ridiculous to look over something that important, right? You are so right View all replies >