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Came up here to see other people were amazed about this, but looks like we're the only ones 🤷🏼‍♀️ Luckily you're not judgemental at all. We're probably not all watching it as a documentary. I think if you were sure you wouldn't crash (would have no worries about that) it might relax the 💩 out of you. .... that quiet little buzzing of the ship in the background... nice. And think of the size of the Enterprise, it's like a whole village of relatively well behaved people. And there are bars...🥃🍷 oh and let's not forget those rooms that can simulate things. 🤫😉 Definitely Nooooo, I'm watching the classic Star Trek on Netflix as we speak... she really seriously does 😁 Watching first episode and came on here to see if I might have missed the fact she's intellectually challenged I had never seem him in a comedy or thought of him as a comedic actor, but he's absolutely amazing at it! Hope he'll do more! We can't really judge, because we don't know them personally, but I couldn't help feeling they were a great match, too. When I heard they had been a couple, I thought they really "fit" for some reason! LOL You could also cook big amounts of food in advance and store it in your freezer. That is, if there's enough room left in it. Look, you don't see it? The angry man look? I think it has something to do with procedures to the upper half of her face View all replies >