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I'm not arguing it's not accurate. This is more about the director guiding the story. The look on your face! Poor man wants to be rich. Rich man wants to be King. King isn't happy until he rules everything. Tony didn't do this just to become wealthy. He also wants to be a feared drug kingpin. He loves it when he walks into a bar, club or restaurant and everyone there is scared to death. Matrix Reloaded contains one of the very few accurate Hollywood hacking scenes. Trinity breaks into a computer system one way real hackers do, by exploiting a software vulnerability in SSH. It's not practically unknown, it's just less likely. Women have gotten HIV from oral sex only. Low risk is not no risk. Lesbian HIV transmission is practically zero but can happen. It has nothing to do with the real life person who was not homophobic and was comfortable around the LGBT community. This was invented for the movie to create this "journey." It turns out the bleeped words are still there :) Great points. They had two choices - stop the execution and prolong the most horrible suffering imaginable (being cooked alive) or continue and reduce it to the shortest time possible. This botched execution is not just a work of fiction. I remember a death row inmate being set on fire in some death penalty state (forget which one) and the sheriff coming out and saying "You better not kill someone in our state. Our electric chair ain't working too well." Yup - totally. When he gets excited he has this weird delivery that really pulls you out of the scenes. It's distracting. I initially didn't like Captain Sisko for that reason, but his relationship with Jake changed everything. IMHO it was the best family dynamic ever done on Star Trek and saved this character for me. There are some movies that no matter how badly they are reviewed, I will always love. For example, I think the first two underworld movies are fantastic - I love the world in the film and the style and the look. These films got absolutely savaged by the critics but they must have done well because they keep making sequels :) View all replies >