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Would've been better if The ending was too much What's the deal with the living room Donating a bottle of 12 year old scotch Felt bad for De Niro's character Troy wasn't punished enough Why release it next summer? Will this be his last action movie? Hard to buy Cruise as an everyman View all posts >


He is black. He is a big, demonic, black bat. He is more black than black people. Because he is not even human. Bruce Wayne is the the disguise. Batman is a demonic entity Nothing went wrong. It was hilarious. De Niro is a good actor, that is all I care about. Personally I could care less if De Niro hates Trump or if he likes to fuck sheep up the butt while smoking meth Both are bad guys, but in different ways. Vogel is worse in my opinion. He's enjoy's hurting and killing people for fun. Donovan's actions are motivated by his passion to obtain the grail. He's not a sadist like Vogel. He's been in some pretty good movies, but over time it seems he's becoming more of an uptight self righteous douchebag. This could not be more evident by the pompous self-important looks of disapproval on his face during Ricky Gervais monologue at the Golden Globes I want a Hulk movie or show with Mark Ruffalo. Why Hawkeye? The dude has the personality of a brick wall I don't tip unless it's a place I go to regularly. Reason being is you want good and friendly service. If you were a waiter/waitress would some regular patron who never tipped you be your first priority, or would you keep them waiting until they were blue in the face? Don't expect the server to be that nice to you either. When I first saw him I thought he could be. I guess it was the accent and mannerisms, but the guy is too obsessed with women's feet to be full on gay. Now he is married and has a baby on the way. I wouldn't be surprised if he was into trannies though Tom Hank's reputation as this cool, laid back, regular dude is bullshit. He is a pompous, woke, Hollywood elitist. The self-important looks of disapproval on his face made me sick. He's obviously not a Trump Supporter. I won't hold that against him. He's entitled to his political opinions View all replies >