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I doesn't matter, and yes she will. Gerald Ford wasn't elected president either, but he is still considered the 38th president Brand at least did have a date set up with her, but as Mouth pointed out he had no car. Not only does troy have a cool car, but also from a wealthy family. Honestly Brand was kind of an asshole to, but nowhere on Troy's level. Troy pretty much had this in the bag even after she elbowed his lip, and ditched him. Up until the big goonie adventure it was inevitable that Troy was gonna hit it, and possibly without her consent, but up until then Troy was way ahead of Brand, and I'm sure Andy seeing Brand riding the little girly bike lost him several brownie points as well. Brand saving her life fortunately wrote Troy out of the picture for good. A 6'3 lady will have had more than her fair share of height comments in her life. Better not to say anything if you want the date to go well (It's especially glaring with the show now revolving around three white men while being rooted in and deeply indebted to Eastern tradition) No they are not indebted. Nobody owe anybody anything. Asians are not the only ones who practice martial arts. The original movies had Mr. Miyagi as the the no.2 protagonist, but since he's not alive anymore he can't be in the show. However the show is called Cobra Kai not Miyagi Do. Cobra Kai was started by a white dude(John Kreese)Johnny Lawrence was a student of Cobra Kai, and he's the one who brought it back. Chozen and Kumiko were back briefly, and maybe they will be back more next season. Also Kreese has an Asian student now. Does there really need to be a secret Miyagi son who awkwardly enters the picture? Miyagi already considered Daniel to be his son. Daniel and Chozen both continue to honor his legacy This article is silly, and is trying to make issue out of nothing He's a pretty pointless character, and he is barely ever seen. When he is around he is annoying. The writers should have just stuck with Daniel having a daughter Kreese is my favorite. He just steals the show every time he's on screen Robbie is least favorite. He's a dick to his father who is obviously trying to restore the relationship, and to Daniel who has been very good to him. He actually tried to fight Miguel again before Sam got in the way. He almost kills the poor bastard and then acts like a total dickhead. Cobra kai still has that Asian wrestler who is pretty tough. More will come especially with Terry Silver's involvement Agreed... He was a total clown and very annoying. The lamest part was during the school fight he turns into Kung Fu Panda It could be possible that Chozen teams up with Johnny and Daniel. It makes sense if Kreese has both Silver and Barnes by his side.. Unless Barnes doesn't come back for whatever reason View all replies >