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Why release it next summer? Will this be his last action movie? Hard to buy Cruise as an everyman No Hulk solo movie It should've been called The Losers Club Zac Levy defending Brie LArson This is basically Rocky 8 This had potential to be a really good movie. View all posts >


I liked Curry, but he just looked like a standard clown. Skarsgard's look was more otherworldly, and if saw him down some random alleyway or wherever, I would be really creeped out and run the hell away Yea tried way too hard, and it came off as forced. When he was on that skateboard and slaps some dude five was the most ridiculous scene ever. Walking around in his giant mammoth coat and getting ready for an orgy with girls who fawn all over him. Making big goofy smiles while tossing grenades around a table with that Indian girl who was equally over the top and just a terrible actress Overall though I actually thought he was pretty funny in this. I just had trouble taking him seriously no they don't, but a movie might be all that's needed to push a psycho over the edge. I do agree she's an arrogant bitch, but she really wasn't in it that much. I also agree leftist and sjw have taken over the art and movies these days, but I didn't really see it in this case. I felt the original 4 Avengers were the main focus. Antman and Black Widow also played key roles. Captain Marvel was there in the beginning and she disappeared until the very end Better to have Luke kill him than Rey. At least you can say Vader contributed indirectly since he saved Luke's life. Bottom line is the Emperor is back so Vader only stopped him temporarily. Believe me I'm just as unhappy about it as you are. Agreed he was miscast and absolutely terrible... In fact every solo project he's done outside of his Fast and Furious franchise has pretty much sucked Maybe it will eventually turn out she is a tranny His face is plastered on the new poster overshadowing Rey and Kylo. It's obvious Disney is pinning all their hopes on his return. I view Palpatine's return as an act of desperation. They probably contemplated bringing back Snoke, but ultimately decided to bank in on nostalgia and plaster Palp's face on the poster to get fans who wrote off Star Wars entirely to come back. I highly doubt Snoke will be back but I suspect we will found more about who he was, and his connection to Sidious. If everything is done right Vader's sacrifice would not be in vain if Luke is the one to bring down Sidious. If Sidious can come back after being thrown down a reactor shaft then Luke can certainly come back to. With this film they have a huge chance to redeem Luke Skywalker, but I highly doubt that will happen. He's probably going to show up for a couple minutes as a force ghost, and Rey will be the one to ultimately defeat Palpatine since she's a very special girl. Tony always seemed like something of a father figure/mentor in his with his relationship with Christopher. It would be hard to imagine there wasn't at least 10 years between them, maybe even a little more. In season one Gandolfini was 38 and Imperioli was 33. Just take 3-4 years off Chris and add 3-4 years to Tony and it makes more sense He's entitled to his opinion, and the fact he thinks it's one Tarantino's worst is only his opinion. I quite it enjoyed, but yes it's on the slow side, it's very character driver and dialogue based. It's not for everyone. Some people have no attention span and can't enjoy anything without an explosion every 10 seconds. Better off watching some Michael Bay films, some Fast and Furious, or some Avengers in that case View all replies >