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😂 Yes. They made it so much easier for libturds. They can stay at home and don't vote at all... And I say she looks more believable than any 20-something girl they want to sell as an expert with decades of experience. Btw: I watched the movie in between and IT IS horrible. Not because of JLo but because the story is...well...just stupid. ??? Not a native speaker, but surely less illiterate... But it was about Pedo Joe. Do you also enjoy showering with your daughter? Pandering to the Academy? A stupid move. If you finally only reach those in your bubble...what are you going to change? Starting with "If one is honest..." followed by the usual TDS caused BS rant is kind of funny... Sure it's dumb. Look at its idiotic mythology. 🙄 No wonder that people believe in Covid, climate change, and evil Russia... He even had this long, greasy hair as Kylo Ren. And yes, the accent might be a problem. View all replies >