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Apparently the first Amercian Film was made by an Italian by the name of Edwin S. Porter he is known as the “father of the story film.” He worked for Thomas Edison. He is mostly known for directing the first major American motion picture titled “The Great Train Robbery.” It was later known as the first western film. Not sure if this is considered the first film though since the first things captured on film had no story they were just simple actions like watering the lawn and stuff. I did not even watch the last 3 films because after saw three, it seemed like it became more about how creative can we kill the people playing the game than it was about actually telling a good story. But this one was not the worst one I had seen. and the gore was actually pulled back a bit. But it also did not really surprise me. Bladerunner 2049, The Mountain Between Us and maybe just maybe the My Little Pony View all replies >