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Oh I [i]have[/i] seen A Bay of Blood except it was called "Twitch of the Death Nerve". Oh, well, can't go wrong with Claudine Auger. I got that one. I told hownos about it. Uh-oh I think that [i]was[/i] me. I remember losing my temper with a Lions fan. Yes, super Bowl 4 was a little before my time. And the Rams won a super bowl during there time in St. Louis. I get PMs sometimes from troll accounts. They always want to talk shit on other posters. I will generally tell that other poster that they have an attacker. I can't remember it was possibly me. I say stupid stuff all the thyme. but they DO have a history of being a playoff disappointment. This win against the Colts was the first playoff win at Arrowhead Stadium in 25 years. Thank you for the suggestion, I just downloaded it. There is another Bava movie called "Baron Blood" (1972) which features the famous screaming that was later used for the "sounds of hell" clip. [url][/url] That shit is actually from a Mario Bava movie haha! At one time I even thought that Sergio Martino was better than Dario Argento, but then I saw "Deep Red" which changed my whole world. The movie that first got me into gialli was "The Case of the Scorpions Tail". Patrick Mahomes is gonna go pitch for the Minnesota Twins. Back when I first saw this movie I wasn't a full on Italian horror fan yet and I thought his name was Umberto Lava View all replies >