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You know what could save this movie? Can geckos be polemic? I think that Nuns should be tanned I think that guns should be banned What are your thoughts on Amazon Prime's Lord of the Rings project? I'm Montgomery Burns, your next governor. Can we put together a MC reunion party? Chew? He was twitching View all posts >


- Captain Marvel makes an appearance in the 11th hour, saving our heroes! - Big reveal! Palpatine build R2D2! The Musgrave Ritual. So you're commenting on a speech you haven't heard? Gretha Thunberg's very point I believe, if one bothers to listen to the entire speech. "Dumb broad", Strat? Seriously?! Surely her concern for the climate changes are understandable? No matter what one chose to believe about the cause of flooding, drought, and eerily warm summer's of late, there's no reason to resorting to name calling of a 16 year old girl (not hinting at you, Quasi). The Last Jedi The one with the cigar is the leader, right? 🤔 It wouldn't make any difference to me. IMHO they ruined the future of the franchise with the awful TLJ. Brilliant! The real Harrison would be too senile to know the answer! View all replies >