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Then you need to watch the movie again, this time try and pay attention. Audriano, you need to watch the movie again, but pay attention this time. 🤦‍♀️ Agreed except for one thing: wise people and faith?? Wise people don't believe in god. Lucky me who had Swedish subtitles while watching, I'd never be able to decipher what that letter said either! Am I the only one who noticed she was wearing black when she came back? I'm guessing it's not your first language. I'm watching Logan now and I was just googling to check if she was related to Lukas, I found out she wasn't so I came here to start a thread and here it was already. :D Jag är tjej och jag är inte svensk. Ändå är min svenska mycket bättre än din. 😉 Nej, jag förstår inte så dålig svenska. Fram med ordboken och försök skriva så att det blir förståeligt. View all replies >