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Didn't like the ending because it copied Sleeping with the enemy where Julia Roberts says 'i've just killed an intruder' and the leading lady says the same thing. That hostage was a bitch,poor Katie. I put this movie on if i want to fall asleep. lol That sucks,im back at work tomorrow too. No problem. I could do with a beer too,it's been hot weather here for a change (UK). Thanks I'll look it up. Yes two,3 and 6,so I want to be close to the beach and not too far from a water park/zoo. You should wait until it comes out on dvd then. Thanks,it's a family holiday but i don't want somewhere too quiet. How much is that in UK pounds? How did she explain all the deaths at the end?that's what i was wondering. And it's suppose to be the less windy so i think Tenerife will be best one for me. I might go see it over the easter break. Pet sematery,the new one. Sounds good. Haha. Me too, somewhere isolated like the Australian outback. Good exercise,haha.