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I enjoyed it Avoid Which canary Island should i visit? Rubbish Great movie Watching this now on Netflix Underrated Does anyone know why? The killers motive? spoilers Interesting story View all posts >


Yes she just seemed very out of place and miscast in TDK. Thanks, good movie though. I didn't think her acting was the best either. So sad, remember him from Amityville 4 and The Horror Show. R.I.P It was a lazy ending indeed. Did you read my msg properly?i said her son. Glad i wasn't the only one who noticed lol. Didn't like the ending because it copied Sleeping with the enemy where Julia Roberts says 'i've just killed an intruder' and the leading lady says the same thing. That hostage was a bitch,poor Katie. I put this movie on if i want to fall asleep. View all replies >