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RIP Sherrie Wills Sherrie Wills(Courtney) from the movie Heather's ,RIP Jessica Campbell, RIP Jessica Campbell who played Julie RIP Ending (spoiler)? Need some advice, what would you do? Why are female bosses the worst? Why do people take an instant dislike to someone for no reason? Hilarious scene Entertaining View all posts >


Wasn't much news on her death,same with Jessica Campbell,RIP It's sad that there wasn't much news on her death. Naples,Italy. Got a good deal so decided to stay in that area,the whole place was depressing,dirty looking,we got ripped off a few times by taxi drivers,worst experience ever. Had a few nice days visiting Sorrento and the island Ischia but Naples was not a nice place at all. Only positive about the experience is it made me appreciate home (UK)more. Gravity(2013). I enjoyed it but others haven't,they said they didn't even watch it all. I think you're right,it's not worth being £100 down every month. Julie Darling (1982) Pin(1988) Slaughterhouse(1987) Graduation Day(1981) Hellraiser(1987) Sleepaway Camp(1983) Ghosthouse (1988) Stagefright (1987) Twisted Nightmare (1987) Backwoods(1987) Slumber party Massacre (1982) Final Exam(1981) The Initiation(1984) The Mutilator(1984) I'm a woman myself,and I've had bad experiences with these people for no fault of my own. So your telling me you'd let someone talk down to you,and belittle you infront of other people? Maybe,lol I remember around December i was really ill,i was very chesty and had a cough,my throat was sore which felt similar to tonsillitis which I've had many times before,the only difference this time was it took me 3 weeks to recover from the cough and I've never had a cough last that long in my life, I'm convinced i had a mild version of it but without a test i won't know for sure. You'd think with the amount of money he's got that he would sort out his hair. View all replies >