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Worth watching? Good movie,but... Do you like spicy food? Fun movie Do they know a cause of death yet? Terrible acting from.. Fun movie RIP Water tank question?spoiler One scene i don't understand? View all posts >


She died from sudden cardiac arrest,don't know if she had the vax. I know, doesn't make much sense. Serial mom (1994),that was pretty funny. That's the downside of eating spicy, lol. The plot didn't make sense at all. Fatal Attraction. Can't agree with you on this one. I love horror and it's my favourite genre. I find horror movies very entertaining,i don't watch them to be scared because to be honest, a lot of them arent scary,they are just so fun to watch. I'm more scared of 'how' im going to die more than death itself. Val Kilmer,especially during the filming of The Island of Dr Moreau. Her book isn't the easiest to find either. Sad she had such a tragic life she felt the need to end it. View all replies >