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Hodor The Title Emma Roberts season 3 Abbots MOvie List us remake from scandinavian production Love the Soundtrack by Siddhartha Khosla rating in comparison to "Rings" isn't writing something in the style of Tolkien like... Release Dateā€¦ View all posts >


I think it is a mixture of more. Yes she left the island but also he is left alone with his father. He cant stand Padric anymore - so what is left for him other then suicide...or living forever with his brutal abusive father. HFR and 3D. It was ok but sometimes the smooth picture sequences distracted a bit. The short Train scene for example. Looked very much like the already known SOAP Effect whare moving action is too smooth to be real. (in reality you would notice a blurr over fast moving objects and with HFR every single image stays sharp so it is meant more like "Game of Power"... No News on that one yet. A dead cat already? But at the two scenes where he is coaching the girls you can clearly see that he cant play tennis. the way he holds the racket is totally wrong. At least that he could have learned for that part... I would put Mementon first because it is his cleverest and unique film. May be he knows that - he is starting a self-Remake. That is sadly a bit poor and I dont think that it can have the same impact but at least there will be more attention to the original afterwards... It will be a dirty fight for the nominee. When De Santis is starting a Campaign he will be very likly nominated as candidate. yes maybe. Dr. Werner Klopek, Hans Klopek ... it is my favourive Scene in this movie. I love the acting and pacing in that scene! It is actually also Morricone Music. It is from the movie "My name is nobody" the title is "my fault". also searched for that tune long ago. It is great. View all replies >