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Will there ever be a Bluray release? did I miss something? badly aged why such bad critics compared to other popcorn cinema? Crossover of "Falling down"(1993) and "King of Comedy"(1982) turning comic figures into human characters Worst Title ever michael dorman This movie hurts Plot hole View all posts >


what movie was it? don't forget the great "life is beautiful"(1997) - such a great take on a comedy mixed with tragedy!! no that is not Tom Hanks. His eyes are sort of similar but this guy is kinda 30 Years old and Hanks is 70...defenetly not The Pledge (2001) yes but afterwards she helps her husband to escape by cutting the tape what happended to her afterwards? another question:Why did the husband of the housekeeper run streight out of the basement to kill the daughter? why didn't he kill Mr. Park? or The Father of the Kims? Was it just random killing or why exactly the daughter? I am not complaining the blood and violence in a Tarantino Movie. I am just complaining that he is commited to do these scenes in movies because otherwise it would not be a Tarantino Movie. I would be happily surprised if he could choose other ways in a movie. ontforget all the licences sold for toys and games to be released afterwards that will gain more money. I dont think it is justified. it just quentin bonus.... The Irishman is a flop. 160 million budget and quite nothing in the box office. View all replies >