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Of course not... I was making a joke. Since Wallace died in 2012, it seems like that era of people wouldn’t remember him or his guests as well, and the youts, they are more open to political ideas. If you’re between 20 and 40 and you have any inclination to watch, you won’t be disappointed. Don’t care—that’s my answer to your question. The term “Christian” means nothing in 2020. There are Evangelicals, Mormons, Baptists... all practicing, what is, essentially, a different religion. Evangelicals are the weakest of them all, by any measure except sheer numbers. They talk a lot but they DO very little that is and of their specific form of Christianity. I’m not an atheist, and I don’t have anything personal against religion, but it’s absolutely on the decline (for better or worse). Don’t care—that’s my answer to your question. Each have an unbelievable number of crimes (with a preponderance of evidence) that they can be charges with as civilians. So if those two pedophiles are “meeting for lunch” it’ll probably be a favor granted by an equally corrupt prison guard. Nice job. That’s awesome he reached out like that. :) I would guess Benzedrine. But I could be wrong. She has unique facial expressions, like all of us, including you. But she’s really good at using them to effect. She’s, IMHO, a beautiful person, and partially because of her uniqueness and charisma. She is objectively beautiful as well—but that doesn’t mean much in Hollywood. There’s a documentary (that I didn’t see mentioned in any comments) called California Typewriter. It’s really well made, super interesting, and it has a few interviews with Hanks, who explains his fascination with typewriters. There are some other surprising public figures who like them too. I don’t understand what’s not interesting about them... Maybe you don’t want to use or own one, but the correspondence it produces couldn’t be more different from an email. Or an inkjet-printed, Word-processed computer file. I only know her work from the series Euphoria, which I’ve watched twice, and I think she’s a truly incredible talent. I don’t watch TV series, and on the rare occasion I do, it’s absolutely only once through. What does, “Stop trying to make her happen,” even mean? She’s really young, and if she takes her time doing work that fits her, I don’t see why she isn’t entitled to a job? But hey, I’m a 40 year-old white guy, what do I know? Nothing about this guy is cool anymore. Just creepy. Art and life sodomizing each other in such a pathetic fashion. View all replies >