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This! Just watched the John Huston version of Man From the South, and I must say, it is a pale imitation of the Tales of the Unexpected version ( I have not seen the AHP version yet) Just didn't have the same panache. Couldn't disagree more! Saw it last night for the first time expecting it to be truly awful, but it is great! When you realize that you had two certified geniuses in charge of the movie and the music, (Alan Parker & Paul Williams) you have something special. Such a fun movie with the BEST music. I can't believe I'm saying that, but it is fun, and it looks like the cast was having a ball. Ha! And the body of Willard in the basement lol A stunner of a crime film, you will love it. Get the blu ray and watch the international version with the subtitles (if you don’t speak French.) sit back and enjoy a great movie, the likes of which are no longer made! Friedkin is wrong. The movie works because of its characters and their desperation, not because of one actor. The movie is as good as any thriller I’ve ever seen, and had stood the test of time! Hi! Sorry for the late reply that was a segment titled “The Late Mr Peddington” a wonderful season 2 segment. Merry Christmas! Absolutely cars come from the factory with a weight. It’s called the curb weight. Good morning, You’re thinking of “Pamela’s Voice”, a first season segment with John Astin and Phyllis Diller. John Astin was in several segments and directed several as well. Not sure about the second reference though...🤔 Hello all! Great discussion! Many good choices, and all very creepy. I vote for a small scene where belch Huggins gets taken into the pipe. Dead eyes, off to be a meal, *shudder* I think in the book he goes in backwards and his back snaps, but creepy nonetheless!