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I assume you have no problem with the many kid's movies that show heterosexuality. Why is homosexuality worse? I meant if Sonny surrendered, while Sal was still in the bank. Interesting responses, thanks. Are there any retcons? That would be completely unforgivable in my opinion. Does this movie change any of the events of the Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield movies, the way Days of Future Past changed the events of the previous X-Men movies? OK, thanks. Thank you very much. I think there's no scenario in which you can be arrested for rape if the victim doesn't press charges. What Al did was definitely self defence. He was still handcuffed to the bed. If he let Cassie go before she died, she would've easily been able to kill him. You can't get arrested for rape unless the victim presses charges, and Nina obviously couldn't have, because she was dead. OK, thanks. I'm pretty sure I remember watching it without the Jive subtitles. Yes, I do. Well you may be right. But there are still ways he could kill them, or convince the police. He could move objects at the police station, to prove that ghosts exist, then Oda Mae could tell them what he was saying. They may be a little skeptical, considering her record, but they'd still take it seriously. Or he could beat Carl and Willie to death. He was able to punch Carl. There are things he did, like turning the stove off, that seem harder than writing and killing. Well he'd be defending Molly and Oda Mae. Well better than risking Molly and Oda Mae's lives. I'm not entirely sure what the message was supposed to be, but I did think about that. I really wanna know what Emerald Fennell's thought on it are. I've actually tried contacting her agents, but haven't received a reply. I hope she does an AMA one day. It's a great movie, but it may or may not have some rather dangerous messages, again I really wanna know what Emerald Fennell's intentions were. Another similar issue is Madison. They don't reveal whether she saw the video before or after she disbelieved Nina, so let's assume it was after. It seems like the message may have been that Madison should've automatically believed Nina, which is a rather dangerous dangerous message. She was friends with both Al and Nina, and she had no idea what happened. She shouldn't have believed or disbelieved either or them. That's so weird, I was sure I remembered reading that they did, I must be going crazy. However, I still think it was a little odd for it to end the way it did, considering what a terrible husband he was. Well maybe you can link to some videos and/or articles, and I may watch/read them and discuss them. If you can give me some examples of reasons, I'm sure I'll be able to tell you why I think they're stretches. Please note if you give me a link to a long video or article, I may not have time to watch or read it, or just be too lazy. I never generalised anyone. I said not all modern anti-SJW right wingers on the internet are like that. It's clear many of them are like that though. I'm not talking about right wingers, I'm just talking about modern anti-SJW right wingers on the internet, and not even all of them. You're right, many of them do love the movies mentioned. And that's my point. They would hate them if they were released today, because there are many more modern movies they hate that are very similar. I'll repeat what I said earlier: "They always make excuses. They list examples of older movies they have no problem with, and list reasons as to how they're different from movies today. But really, those reasons are enormous stretches, and movies have always been more or less the same. I think people just don't have time to go back and criticise every older movie. Kinda like how people on the other side don't have time to go back and criticise movies they would criticise today, e.g. Tropic Thunder."