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She's the best thing about Luke Cage and season 2 of Altered Carbon Why does "thank you" sound so similar in Japanese and Portuguese? Cartoon whistle sound effect when Dennis Nedry slips??? Surprisingly really good! What was changed in the original script? *spoilers* What does it say about a person when they are offended by “swear” words? Movies or series where rock 'n roll saves the day Famous sayings using famous people's names Gold deposit worth $12 TRILLION found in Uganda View all posts >


<blockquote>4) Huge and inescapable marketing campaigns. My understanding is that Illumination spend much less than other studios on the animation but spend more on marketing.</blockquote> True. I was flabbergasted after reading the following: <blockquote>Deadline Hollywood reported Universal spent $285 million on promotion and tie-ins for the film, the biggest-ever campaign for a Despicable Me film.</blockquote> That's three times the film's budget spent on marketing. More miss than hit. Other than The Fifth element most of his movies range from mediocre to terrible. Yes, not as good as Your Name, but the animation is still amazing. Bursting at the seems with so much detail. And I loved the seamless transition between painted backgrounds and 3D CGI backgrounds. Oftentimes it's glaringly obvious when animation uses CGI in in shots, but the moving CGI background in Weathering With You was done in such a way that it looked like the other static painted backgrounds. Fantastic stuff. I usually DESPISE product placement but for some odd reason it felt like it added an element of realism to this movie. It's the one time I actually enjoyed spotting the different products. The movie was decent, well done even, but the documentary "The Rescue" is definitely superior. Thank you! What's the Wikipedia link for your quote so I can read a bit more about this? The trailer truly was remarkable, unprecedented even. I remember seeing it before Transformers (2007) and at the end of the trailer there was no movie title and that really bugged me. I'd never experienced anything like it and for the first 20 or so minutes of Transformers I was distracted and couldn't figure out why they left out the movie title. Very effective marketing IMO! These comments! 😅 Mary Elizabeth Winstead is perfect as is but I chortled at the comments, esp the Total Recall one. View all replies >