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Good catch. It just felt so phony and about getting praise from people like Ellen Degeneres and homosexuals in the industry. They didn't even get that it was totally going against what such people had been pushing for years: That being gay is a choice and you are born that way. Clearly, Willow was not born gay. She became gay because a vampire version of her (that was previously shown to be the mate of a male vampire) acted a bit gay. Yeah, I thought the armor in Game of Thrones, particularly the Lannister armor looked bad. That Nilfgaard crap looked like BDSM roleplaying equipment. The books are good until the <spoiler>Thanedd coup</spoiler> and then they become pretty bad. 100%. This was straight absurd. He told her that she wouldn't be able to have kids and she sat and watched while he cut out her uterus or whatever. They just had had add in some abortion bs. Like with that song. That was so embarrassing. Not only the speech and her fake how dare you nonsense, but how the media pretended like she wasn't acting from a script. Apparently the Obama's are "advising" the couple on how to take advantage of the financial opportunities that are available to them. So expect them to have some kind of Netflix deal soon. Likely more specials pushing climate change. And a book or book(s) deal. Since Obama was in office and enacted pro-Netflix net neutrality policies, they seem to throw money at anyone Obama wants. After he and Michelle got a massive payout as soon as he left office to make essentially propaganda specials about themselves and for no show executive producer work. I can't imagine what you think of Obama's marriage if nasty side eyes is your standard. His mother humiliated herself and the royal family as well. And she used the paparazzi when it suited her. She was killed in a car accident. They happen every day. He explained a self-serving reason. What's he going to say? We have trademarked all kinds of crap and want to make a fortune selling things? Maybe he believes some of what he says, but Meghan wants to make her own money and not be limited to Harry's finances and etiquette rules. I don't think it's the translation at all, I'm talking about the plot. <spoiler> Ciri's big important fate is to visit Camelot? Nilfgaard keeps Cintra and Ciri loses her birthright? The Emperor is her dad? Geralt and Yennefer die due to some random contrived violence done by peasants? And that's just the ending, not the last few books with side missions and Ciri planet hopping to get there. Honestly, the more I think about it, the last few books are pretty horrible. </spoiler> They will cast her because it will sell, even if she's a shit actress and it's a shit movie. Plenty of them make a killing in Hollywood. My guess is they will focus on selling stuff. But this is totally different. This is a British Prince and her wannabe actress wife. They will make tons of money. Everyone can see this heading for a nasty divorce. They talk about wanting out of the spotlight and for the press to respect their privacy, then they say they are "stepping back" from their roles as royals and plan to make their own money. In other words, Meghan wants to make money for herself. Then when she has enough, that's when the divorce happens. If he doesn't wake up sooner. I don't. Look how rich Paris Hilton and the Kardashians among others have become for really no reason at all, but being famous for being famous? Meghan can get eight figures to star in movies on her own and tons of cash for selling her own products. Harry isn't nearly as rich as people think. Harry has some of his own from his mother and his own positions. But it's nothing compared to what they can make by exploiting their fame like the Kardashians and so on. This is 100% about her making money without having to live by any rules of etiquette. Weird. But I remember when moving the embassy to Jerusalem was supposed to start WW3. You can after I get paid $75M a year to interview celebrities and have people massage my ego. The idiots are checking message boards and not expecting to find spoilers over three months after it was released. No one would ever know she had a black parent if she didn't tell everyone about it. That's why some of her statements and claims over the year are beyond absurd. Talking about the struggles of black actresses and so on. Yeah, he's like Dane DeHaan. He works as a weirdo high school kid, not a warrior. Let him play those roles. She's focused on fixing democracy in the US and saving the planet from Donald Trump. Remember?