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Prententious amateur rubbish.... What did Token Finn want to tell Rey? Can never understand them sparing.... (spoilers) Why did she cast the most French actor possible with the most French accent to (spoilers) Whose acting was worse, John Boyega in the Force Awakens or Natalie Portman in the ROTS? Actresses and directors associated with him should be pressured to return their awards... The last 45 minutes or so felt like about 3 hours... Cast of soy boys... What terrible casting... Surprisingly awful.... View all posts >


Finn was the perhaps the most token character ever. Yes, but Jack and the rest of the gang are going to take such a risk for Todd? It just doesn't make sense. He's a sociopath, he wouldn't care the next day if they killed Walt. He was fine with killing Walt when he came back. Why is the CGI worse in the sequels decades later than in the original? Why is Jurassic Park still better than practically everything after? Questions never properly answered. But that's the point. He's supposed to be a storm trooper bred his entire life for war, but he acts goofy like Chris Pine in Star Trek. The whole system is a joke. How many of those 8500 voters do you think watch all the movies? It's all politics. It's how people Patricia Arquette win all the time. Or anyone outspoken about politics. It was overturned because the only reason the court ruled in his favor originally is that it was in Minnesota and he was a Minnesota celebrity. The judge despicable forced the jury to come to a verdict (split) in his favor. I'm pretty sure he is old enough to have sniffed those girls back in the 1860s. The one in Switzerland. When she pulled a Jussie before Jussie and accused that store of racism. It was complete horseshit. View all replies >