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Hmm, it's a joke based on how the #MeToo movement seems to want to police contact between men and women and have chaperones and what not. The fictional futuristic society would likely have begun with #MeToo. Why? He has tried to incite racial animosity to personally benefit from it. He had Chicago PD's resources focused on investigating a fake claim over real crimes. In principle there's no difference between what he and other fake hate crimes hoaxers have done and white women a century ago that would falsely claim a black man raped them to cover up an affair or why they weren't a virgin. And inflamed racial tensions that often led to violence. There is a huge difference between something that looks good on paper and what are the facts on the ground. Yes, Darnley's family had an excellent claim by blood to the Scottish and English thrones. But they were now both Protestant kingdoms and wanted more than anything else to stay that way. Darnley's Catholic family in particular were deeply despised by both, whatever their claim. The plain truth is that any Protestant English or Scottish Lord would have been a better choice for Mary. If she didn't want Dudley, she could have kept up negotiations for someone else. Parliament/England would have rather had a Scottish Protestant than a Catholic Englishman. And the people in Scotland who mattered would have rather had her marry an English Protestant over a Catholic Scot. That's the reality. Her religion was always the major issue. Darnley was a terrible, terrible decision on her own part. Of course her son ended up ruling both, but if she had a stable marriage, she might have produced an enduring monarchy instead of losing her head. Not one that would see James infamously face assassination, then Civil War and Charles being executed, Catholic James's overthrow and then the Germans taking over and the monarchy losing nearly all of it's real importance in terms ruling the country. One can imagine she was really devout like Mary Tudor, but likely she never left her Catholic faith because she feared losing the support of France that she considered home. And that cost her. Joining the faith of her country and becoming a Protestant when she returned to Scotland would have been the smartest thing she could have done. With Mary's commitments in the Treaty of Greenwich, she was to have English ladies and servants in her household until she got older and then sent to England before the marriage. Nothing unusual at all. And mind you these agreements were always being negotiated. They could have found 1000x excuses to not send Mary when she reached the right age. And Edward would have been dead before then anyway. It was firmly in Scotland's interest to keep the engagement in place. Mary de Guise broke it to serve France. Just as she betrayed the country in the marriage agreement signed with France, far more restrictive than the one England made with her Protestant Lords. You are completely wrong about Darnley being a better marriage choice than Dudley or anyone supported by Elizabeth/Parliament. Her decision to marry him was truly the beginning of the end for her. Not just his behavior later. The Protestant Lords were the real power in Scotland, led by Moray and Knox and they hated the idea of a Catholic King and a future Catholic monarchy above all else. Her decision to marry him completely alienated Moray and turned him against her. And he was the only one who could control the Protestant Lords. As I said, it was really Moray who ruled during those first four successful years of her reign. Not to mention turning England against her for the same reason (a Catholic monarchy) and ensuring they would not help her and would help her enemies, which they did. Also, you are completely wrong about the Treaty of Greenwich. It was certainly in the greater interests of Scotland. Mary wasn't going to be sent to England as a hostage or anything, it was a common future marriage agreement between royalty. And when Mary de Guise broke the treaty to serve France's interest (not Scotland's), the English rightfully saw it as a huge betrayal like after the French had broken the agreement made with Henry V after Agincourt and they saw their war with the Scottish as a righteous Holy War and engaged in the scorched Earth tactics. And remember, Mary de Guise (and Mary, Queen of Scots) secretly sold out their country in the marriage agreement that gave Scotland to France. Like I said, her mother served France and not Scotland. The engagement and possible marriage to Edward was the right thing for Scotland. And certainly in hindsight without question. Go Woke Go Broke Don't get this argument although I keep hearing it. She's an average doable blonde. Her ass is not special. There are a a lot of weirdos out there. It's the same thing they did with Black Panther. It's a clever scheme actually to bilk these SJW fanatics. They get them to donate money for "underprivileged" kids who have been the beneficiaries of every social program for the past 60 years and who likely the descendants of people who that have lived off the taxpayers for four generations to see the movie for "free" at your expense. That's a good point too. Worst thing is the total lack of self-awareness. Do you think Ruffalo gives a damn the amount of fossil fuels and the carbon footprint that's been made by these huge films regularly? No. He probably rides in private jets all the time, even if he doesn't own one himself. View all replies >