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Glorifying a lying hypocrite and an extortionist... Starlight supposed to be the real hero... Obligatory light skinned male models who can't act.... Can't stand those alternative universe resurrections... The basic continuity/timeline errors... Biggest narcissist on the planet? Sorry, but why her? How old are they supposed to be in this movie? Transgender... Didn't it seem like they use to cast better looking people for these movies and shows? View all posts >


Can't think of another reason. Shaw was definitely the worst of the lot. I'm not surprised they killed him off. Poor Raven. She deserved much better than Finn or Shaw. The unexpected thing as a result is that they reappear five years later with all the problems that were caused as a result of the disappearances rather than simply going back and telling Thor to aim for the head and stop the disappearances from ever happening. Although I don't see why that couldn't have been done. That was another thing they changed from the comics. The sexual harassment and her power level. It was actually pretty much the whole group that coerced her, led by Homelander. Homelander will make me watch. It's a shame they seem to make Hugh and Generic Wonder Girl the focus. I thought it was dumb. Just like him talking to the lobsters. Don't Dolphins eat lobsters? Sea creatures prey on one another. Being able to some kind of aquatic empathy and control over sea creatures is one thing, but flirting with dolphins and then having conversations with lobsters was way over the top. I was surprised at how small his role was. His name sucks BTW. They all pretty much do. I guess because by the time it came along, all the good superhero names were gone. They couldn't call him Aquaman. Heh. Likely for budgetary reasons, we didn't really get to see the extent of his powers. He's a very different character in the comics. My understanding is that he was not only able to breathe underwater and communicate with sea creatures, but had flight, super strength, agility and durability on par with other much stronger superheroes. Probably for the feminist crowd, they had to make him inferior to Starlight. Chace Crawford is big with the young ladies. I don't know how old The Deep is supposed to be in the show, CC looks younger than he is, but I'm guessing back in the day, that like Starlight had a poster of him, he was really popular with the teen girls who matter a lot in terms of buying shit. Honestly, Tyr was my least favorite character besides the hairy guy. Although his ending was absurd. Game of Thrones ending absurd. Trance was an inferior character after the stupid switch and I hate what they did to Harper's character in the later seasons. Personally, I thought the show jumped the shark with new Trance. It all seemed to go downhill after that. She's back. As alternative universe Gamora, so we have to see her and Quill fall in love again and then after GG3 act like she is the same character with the same history with the team. It's what happens. And it's absurd. Reminds me of Sunshine, which a lot of people pretend is a good movie. The crew was not remotely believable. View all replies >