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Yet another LGBT person who... It's a very politically incorrect novel *spoilers* Shouldn't Claire, who is always whining about being weak, have more abilities? Harley Quinn is a feminist avenger now? So disappointing... (spoilers) Ellen Degeneres is a truly terrible interviewer Scarlett looked her best ever in this film, but her character... Does anyone that's not a female teen listen to her music? I sympathize with her... The money train robbery wasn't even that big... View all posts >


This sums it up nicely. This review confirms my worst fears. About the CGI, adding token characters to check boxes and omitting non-PC characters. Jack London deserved better than Hollywood periodically wiping their asses with his compelling adult novels to make shitty kids movies. Yes. As someone else said, Thornton is really the only likable character. Just looking at the cast, they kept all the loathsome white characters, which goes without saying. Immediately after you finished cringing over some cliche maudlin dialogue. She has the right politics. That's all that matters. She looked bad in Wu Assassins. Not surprised it got a shitty response. It makes the ending even worse tho. Hooking Jenn up with that sexual predator too. Except he wasn't magical. He's just a black dude with no flaws compared to everyone else. One doesn't have to be a magical negro to be a token character. The flawless black friend fits the bill. Do you like Katy Perry and John Legend too? View all replies >