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So disappointing... How many people died because Harry... Most comic book heroes had their families killed... Any indication or theory on how they would have gotten past the Wall if Dany had not... Who has a less interesting story than Bran? After Grey Worm sailed away... In case you are wondering why Drogon didn't burn Jon and everyone else... They could have at least shown morally questionable Bran... There's a Stark on the Iron Throne and Sansa demands.... Rubbish like this being rewewed... View all posts >


You have to be married to be a cuck, but this dude would likely be in that category soon. It felt like the PG-13 version of Deadwood except 30 years had passed instead of 12 based on how the actors looked. I don't know how much it cost to make, but it looked like Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman quality. - He was the son and rightful heir (after Jaime became KG) of Tywin Lannister - His seizure by Cat started the war - He was Hand of the King (#2 in the Realm) - He was convicted of regicide of Joffrey - He killed Tywin - Oberyn Martell was killed as his champion. - He was Dany's Hand etc... It's just a very dumb joke the put in. So really Bran going beyond the wall is what fucked them all over? And he ends up on the throne as a reward. How interesting. Which would make the whole massive effort that went into building the Wall by the Children of the Forest, the First Men and the Giants absurd and pointless if that was an option as soon as the WW woke up. That's convenient. We'll never be able to verify this because no way in hell will GRRM finish the books in his lifetime. They said the Golden Company had already been paid for. That dude from the Iron Bank said they would lend the money if Cersei wanted, so maybe. But presumably there was not only enough Tyrell gold left to pay off their debt, but hire the Golden Company as well. Since Cersei apparently had a wagons full of gold to offer people. That's absurd, but the sum they apparently owed the Iron Bank was ludicrous in the show. As to how they have any money left in the show after the city burned, one can only assume that they managed to salvage the treasury and whatever Cersei had left and added whatever Dany brought over from Meereen. Which you could fanwank is a lot of money since essentially all the treasure the Dothraki leaders had in Vaes Dothrak was hers and all the wealth in the slave cities had been seized. Yeah. I thought the same. It's utterly absurd for many reasons that he wouldn't be in it, even if they tried to avoid giving him credit for anything. Everything. They pulled the big Hub cylon base out of their ass when they were already years of traveling away from the Cylon homeworld and then everyone gave up their technology which ensured that they would learn nothing and repeat the same mistakes. Oh and Kara Thrace was an angel. View all replies >