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Worst possible ending IMO... Who is more useless in Winterfell... Jaime showing up... (spoilers) Trying to make Sansa smart... (spoilers) Good overall, but ending was a bit disappointing.... (spoilers) Were Robb, Dany, Theon and Jon Snow all really supposed to be.... Tyrion's reaction to Jon and Dany... If the fat, lazy.... (Books Question) Couldn't they get English actors to play the English characters? Best thing about re-watching Game of Thrones before the final season... View all posts >


Well, we already know how incompetent the Faceless Men are based on Arya's experiences, who wants to hire them? They can't afford elephants apparently, let alone the direwolf. Ghost's appearances and disappearances have been comical. It's hard to believe there is any connection between him and Jon at all. Then again, when they do show him, he will probably be killed. They gave Summer the most pointless death ever. Rickon's wolf butchered off screen. But who is going to lead? The Dothraki? That's the point. They should have had him take command of the Lannister Army before he went there, not show up alone with nothing to offer them but himself. It makes him look like a complete idiot. You would think he would be smart enough to know that there's a good chance he'll be simply killed. Pfft. Never happen. Just a cheap excuse to send Bronn to the North because Flynn and Headey can't work together. Far less stupid in the books than the show. She wouldn't have married Ramsay Bolton, that's for sure. Is astounds me how Littlefinger is supposed to be this genius in the books, but he's always bragging and telling Sansa all his plans. It's so ridiculous. Their relationship ended in 2002/2003, not early in the show. And because of that they can't even be in the same room together apparently. So absurd. Yeah. More unprofessional bs. Getting tattoos. I don't know why they cast her. It was a body double. And I lost respect for her as an actress. Because she specifically mentioned that scene in the past as something that warrants full frontal, but when it came to it, she didn't go through with it. Combine that with her past problems and not being able to work with Flynn due to a relationship that ended like 15+ years ago, I think Lena is a real bitch. I mean, I don't think they will have Jon avoiding her like in a teen drama and not telling her why. The foreshadowing was already there. Varys saying it won't last. I don't think they would have such a scene if Jon and Dany are endgame or something. Honestly, I don't even know why they put them together for two episodes if they had no intention of moving the relationship forward. I guess they feel some fans (women) need them to show relationships. Yes. That's another thing that made absolutely no sense whatsoever. It amazes me how these writers want to elevate Sansa and continue to make Tyrion look like an idiot to build up other characters. Oberyn, Grey Worm/Missandei, Dany, now Sansa. View all replies >