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Karma... The SJW voice casting.... He should have just done a climate change documentary... Only people who have never been around alligators could find this remotely scary... If only Nancy had sold those slaves... Fun fact about Greta.... The Duchess and the Footman... She wishes she had the white privilege... Looks like another sh-t new Netflix series.... Why couldn't they just make her Australian? View all posts >


So don't believe all women? The ending was awful with Inge ending up breeding a huge family with the rapist while Peter raises her kid and his. A woke disaster A pretty actress at least. Hard to believe that's effy. Casting director must be a fellow anorexic. They obviously got criticism that the show wasn't diverse enough, so in the first episode, they introduce a black coach, a black gymnast and a black boyfriend for Lauren. It was really obvious and really shoehorned in. And should be irritating to anyone. I thought the addition of Jordan was fine, the others seemed like a waste for a season that lasts only 8 episodes. Repetitive stuff with the coach and Sasha. They might as well have just brought back Marty. Lauren's new boyfriend was a complete afterthought, which is actually a good thing, with Rigo being forced down the audience's throat. Netflix’ “just this much [] better than the CW, plus we can say ‘fuck’” McSeries Perfect description for the kind of rubbish Netflix is usually putting out, both the series and Hallmark quality movies that seems to be targeting entirely teenage girls. For an actress, she's a very successful career since Mean Girls. In her personal life, still can't believe she dated, much less married that fat Iranian guy. He must be rich. So activists and educators spending decades calling people ignorant bigots who said being gay wasn't a choice should be ashamed of themselves? See below. Well see, before this modern era, it was considered bigoted and homophobic to suggest that being gay is a choice. Clearly, some are born with the predilection for being a homosexual, while others choose so. That's the point. Until fairly recently, the message was that being gay was no ever a choice. Now I can't remember anyone trying to say what others were demonized for suggesting in the past. Stewart is the perfect example. She dated males her entire life until her last relationship. Obviously she wasn't born a homosexual. View all replies >