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Man, that Indian village.... The novel really isn't any better... (spoilers) I got to say they missed a golden opportunity in the 4th episode to educate... Rubbish... Sorry, his voice in this movie... Gina McKee... So Pip.... (Spoilers) The most valuable thing she possesses to put up for auction for charity.... Karma... The SJW voice casting.... View all posts >


They should try getting an actual man to be the leading man in their movies. As rare as they are in Hollywood these days. Why defend anyone targeted by the MeToo ilk without evidence? Because it can happen to anyone. But we never know exactly what was in them. Only her claims. She was recording him when? They weren't private office meeting. He was telling jokes at meetings with multiple people. He made sexist jokes? He used profanity? It's all speculation. Fox also settled other lawsuits without any evidence. Completely irrelevant. He was a rich and powerful man. She argument is that he was so taken with her that he sexually harassed her. It's bullshit. She's a liar. She didn't start working for Fox until like the mid-2000s. After she had lost her looks. She was ugly af when she accuses him of harassing her. Oh, I realize. I also realize that she aged terribly and she was ugly af during the period when she, without evidence, accuses Ailes of sexually harassing her. After she found out she was getting fired. I understand, but Philip was arguing that they should receive a more significant portion of the revenue that the Crown Estate generates to reflect the rise in costs and inflation. I don't find that pathetic. Philip was absolutely right that costs rise after 15 years. It would be the same if the monarchy was gone and the government was maintaining their properties and paying salaries to their huge staff on the same budget from going on two decades ago. I don't know if it's intentional, but I thought the series made Wilson's anti-monarchist Cabinet, especially those two ugly women, look very unlikable as well when it comes to discussing finances for the royal family. They are members of a Cabinet in a constitutional monarchy, not a socialist dictatorship as they seem to believe. More than anything is the actresses talking about how "misogynists" won't like the movie. Even before it gets to the lectures. Brie Larsen is lucky her film had the Marvel tag and Endgame coming out soon or her woke bullshit would have gotten these numbers. The backstories of their characters from the comics compared to the movie characters. Seems like more than half are made into being Jewish. So don't believe all women? View all replies >