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The Harvey actor is far less famous and spotlighted. And he wasn't the show's star. Why would there be more comments about HIS looks than hers, other than because your thin-skinned feminist mind prefers it that way? He doesn't even look that bad in that picture you posted, either. Maybe you oughta stop seeking 'sexist' motives in every single comment you hear about a woman. It'll probably make you slightly happier. But..he actually spent most of his time around the aunts and like you said, he never 'perved' toward Sabrina or any of her female friends. Honestly this is a bit over the top. Even if the cat is a manifestation of an adult man, doesn't mean he's automatically a sexual threat to teenage girls! What's a man in cat form, especially who's in the possession of women supposed to do anyway? Cautiously steer clear of underaged girls? LOL. I know it's been a decade and I doubt the OP will notice, but I (very belatedly) discovered this clip as a result of rewatching PF on Hulu. I just love it, it's so well done! Great work. Yes, it's the song playing in the biker bar right before the abuse of Cutshaw begins. I just watched the movie and I'm wondering about this too. Tried Googling it by lyrics and nothing came up, nor anything on the soundtrack listing. Quite weird. Does ANYONE know anything about that bar song?? What I find interesting is the fact of her own sitcom being oft-observed for it's less than 'respectful' depiction of a demographic - the male sex. Wildly hateful generalizations uttered in almost every episode, denigration of dads. But, 'jokes' right? It's cute and 'for laughs'. (She's also leveled false accusations of abuse against her father, FWIW. Not as a joke.) She makes one weird misguided joke - about not a demographic but a person, which has [i]debatably[/i] racist undertones, but still obviously intended as a joke (in which she denies racist intentions) ... she's so unforgivably bigoted she doesn't deserve to work again. Despite her long established credentials in advocating for equality and diversity, something attested to by her peers (and which lends validity to her denial). And I guess it didn't help that she was supporting a president people aren't supposed to like. Just the usual incoherency of social justice culture. So, do you think the producers read your post, or something? (Minus the immigrating part, of course.) (And I know this happened over a year ago. But no one returned to point it out!) And the way she screamed at him in her usual theatrical (and obnoxious) manner, like if what he did was as bad as what her boss did. Not that Mark couldn't be slimy, but I think he was reacting like a pretty normal boyfriend here, or especially for someone of that 'rough around the edges' demeanor that [i]attracted[/i] Becky in the first place. (Or else she'd be with a more David or Dean type you might expect.) Yet she acts so shocked, and essentially takes up for her despicable boss over her understandably protective boyfriend. The job wasn't that much of a life or death matter to being putting up with such nonsense, either. (She's 16, is under her parents' care and surely that job isn't going to be her life). Becky really got on my effin' nerves. As opposed to his wife, who was all roses and sunshine, right? [quote] - He was not an educated person, and didn't even attempt to go back to school. His way with words often included the words "ain't" [/quote] Oh, the horror. It seems that your definition of "conservatieve" is simply anything that rubs you the wrong way? Very well, although it doesn't seem to have much to do with that other word it's spelled oddly similarly to. This post was as about pleasant to read as Roseanne Barr singing the national anthem is to hear. This isn't isn't a time period thing - for real, I've seen the same selection of complaints about Big Bang Theory. It doesn't matter if something's 20+ years old or whatever (can a much more recent sitcom like 2 and a Half Men, be considered a reflection of our 'progression'? Hah.). It's about ANYTHING existing, at any time, that doesn't adhere entirely to their demands of society. And more importantly, them letting you know how righteous they are 'calling things out'. They truly are the new puritans - possibly worse even. Yeah, for me it went straight to advanced stage. I suspect I have maybe a month left. ^Yes, this. You sure are pathetic. I agree, though I have to say at least half of millennials did grow up in constant exposure to 'laugh track' sitcoms (both of their era [i]and[/i] the millions of much older reruns) but just seem like nowadays are pretending they don't really remember them. Frankly many much older TV viewers are acting like this too. I do agree that laugh tracks (or audience laughter) can be irritating and on some shows way overdone, but c'mon - for me personally I'm so used to them from my youth that I can't imagine ranting about it the way some people do. [i]where at the end of the day it's all the same dull, reactionary conservatism.[/i] Which somehow we've gotten to the point that one could have their professional or personal life ruined for openly expressing. Because of that muh 'enlightenment' that you're a cockroach (or NAHZEE) for mildly disagreeing with. And nice try, but it's very hard to top being more offended than someone who cries at being 'misgendered', or claims yoga is a form of white cultural oppression or that video games are 'misogynistic and unwelcoming' for having attractive women in them. "Not all media is going to conform to the view that cross dressing is insanity especially in this day and age." Of course not, for better or worse. Funny thing though, is that approved media narratives (or so-called 'enlightened' culture) don't necessarily reflect how the majority of people think and feel. And these 'masses' have a right to their thoughts.. "And to add, it's ironic to be triggered by a fictitious show and affirming that it does damage" It's not being 'triggered' to disapprove of intentional assaults on accustomed-to norms. You could call it being offended, but the newer concept of 'triggered' goes deeper than that (which your side should already know, it originated with you). Expressing a critical opinion is different from screeching for something (or someONE) to be censored/shut down(/fired) accompanied by apologies that won't be accepted. We can see that our baby crossdressing prime time sitcom character (whom would be nowhere to be found just ten years ago) has shown up without threat of sabotage from less than receptive viewing audiences. "by Neo-Nazi assholes who were broadcasting live from their mother's basement." *eyeroll* That good old 'enlightenment', any wonder everyone is not on board. [i]BTW it doesn't take a made up to shut down everything that upsets me down term like "SWJ" to hate Trump. [/i] It's "SJW", first of all. Second of all, what?? Hard to imagine using the same sofa for 30 years. My mother has been using hers for 12 and even though it still looks almost new, I know she's been itching for an 'upgrade' (though she only lives in an apartment). Myself I've been using the same dresser for 16 years and have begun to feel like "damn, I should replace that thing". Consider their weights, their histories though. They treated themselves poorly for years and as blue collars, wouldn't exactly have had access to the highest quality healthcare. The Connors are pretty lucky to be alive, especially Dan (whom I thought that death from a heart attack, even back in his 40s would have been a pretty realistic outcome). *I should add my own mother is in her late-50s and constantly talking about how she's bound to croak one of these days (no terminal illness, just general pain, diabetes and obesity). I think around this age range you can go either way - still doing relatively well or suffering greatly if past lifestyle factors (or even genetic ones) are catching up with you.