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Ha! NNNOOOOOOOOOOOOO! The kids.... Box him up! Just an opinion... This is how democracy ends. With thunderous applause. Is it a requirement now, in America's game shows? Jim Henson.... The eight finest _______ in Georgia. View all posts >


I think the precise moment (or moments) that bothered me was when there was any mention of "gay" and they everyone looked at each other in such horror, as if it was something to be so horrified OF. Maybe I read the movie wrong, and I hope so. It was otherwise moderately entertaining. Can't argue with a fucktard Ok, you know what duster? I don't think you have any need to figure me out. True, I am not a big fan of kids, but I don't dislike kids in movies, and I don't dislike movies in general when kids are in them. My opinion is not "stupid", it is valid. My opinion on horror movies is that sometimes when kids are somewhere in the central plot, the horror tends to tread a little too lightly. That's all I am saying, and just for the record, I entirely agree with foebane. The Omen films (at least the first two) are a great example of what works well. I love those movies, and hadn't even thought about them. I'm not a troll. I make observations, and form opinions on them. That is what these boards are for, are they not? Back off. The mic was already dropped. And no, they haven't. In no order... To Wong Foo Dirty Dancing 11:14 I loved [i]The Outsiders[/i] equally, but I don't necessarily consider it a Patrick Swayze movie. His part was better than minimal, but still kind of small. Salt it up good! Wouldn't that be just tragic? ......Box seats at the Met, Rose. (...?) Nope. Yeah the "oops" grated on me too. What are the chances that everything this annoying kid did was an "accident", but accidentally made him the "hero"? That's not the Force. That's just stupid, lousy (and lazy) writing. View all replies >