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It's not a big deal to me I've noticed on all social media there's always someone who wants to upset someone else or just say things for no good reason. To be fair my description was pretty vague and I didn't think anyone would get it any way. But now I'm on a roll I have another movie question. Shall I ask it or quit while I'm ahead???!!! 😂😂 On my goodness your an absolute angel!!!! Yes that's the one! I thought I was going crazy! And for your information (not that I need to explain myself to you) I actually have OCD and memory hoarding is what bothers me the most. So most of the time things like this happen to me where I can remember only small details and then I drive myself crazy with my compulsions. Just leave me alone if you don't like what I post. No one needs your opinion. I've seen other posts by you and to be honest you seem like a very unhappy person so how about get off of here and find something to do Also thanks to everyone who tried to help. I still don't know the movie but oh well it will come to me one day First of all I am a she not a he. Second of all I am not bothering anybody. This is a movie forum people can choose to read my post and even better they choose whether or not they want to respond. If you don't like my post ignore it simple. If you think my post is stupid ignore it. Responding only makes you look stupid that you took time out of your day to be rude to me for no reason. Get a life. Oh and I apologise I don't have a fantastic memory sorry if my brain offended you!! Okay so new information came to me this morning. The end scene is where they go somewhere quiet and he thinks he is going to die. The gun goes off but the hit man ends up killing himself. I think he had a terminal disease. Could I be confusing a movie with an episode of breaking bad? Okay thanks! It's so annoying. I've tried typing it in on search engines but nothing comes up. Wondering if I'm imagining it! No this movie isn't it it's a more recent movie I'm thinking about. View all replies >