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Not even a close comparison. Borat's accent is speaking Polish with a Russian Jewish accent pretending to Kazach but filmed in Romania. Seth's accent is closer to a Georgian accent. I had a very good friend from Georgia. He spoke Georgian and Russian but the English was the same accent as this movie. He literally sounded like Boris and Natasha. Big trouble for moose and squirrel would leave us in stitches. Sometimes people have comical accents. My grandpa sounded exactly like The Count from Sesame Street. He even looked like him. I thought it was funny. It doesn't ask any more than your mild attention. Don't like it? Don't watch it. Nope. Cancer's terrible. I've watched people die of cancer. Do you know how it feels when you have to ask your grandson to help you with your diaper. Of course not, at that point, you don't have it together enough to ask. You become repetitive. You don't understand what's happening anymore. Even on morphine, you're in tremendous pain all the time. You can't sleep. You appear asleep but your not. You start to lose command. You get very confused. You get to the point where you can't even say "I want to die" That's what health care directives are for. But you hold on anyway because your body is strong. Your body fights, but your mind isn't sharp enough to say "Let me go." Soon you can't even try to stand. Then you forget how to do basic things. You still recognize people but you're locked into your failing body. Then you're in and out for a while. When you're lucid, in the morning, you remember that you are actively dying, then you sundown by afternoon. Eventually, you don't wake up, then you decline, you don't eat or drink, but you are essentially strong. It takes a week for you to die even though your mind is gone. Asphyxia from breathing just CO2 is fairly quick and painless. You'll get a few seconds of panting, then calm, then die. Lot's of people die from it. Far better than the month or so of terminal cancer. I know this is a troll, but some people have soft voices. Look at a painting of Henry V. He looked exactly like the actor who plays him. Not sure what a "soy boy" is but I assume it's something about homosexuals? I've known 6' 5" big guys that yell and scream and act tough who turn tail and run when confronted by a 5' 1" woman. Watch the dual in the first act. Trust me, little guys can be tough too. Muslims certainly wore armor, just not heavy plate, which the crusaders didn't wear either. Just mail and leather. It wouldn't be camels, it would be horses. There would be an absurd amount of archers on both sides. Only knights that could afford it would wear plate and their visors, if they had them, would be up so they could see. visors are best for jousting. There would be much more archery than most movies and siege engines being used. Kingdom of Heaven, though not perfect, is pretty good as analogy of that time period. Don't write a paper based on it, but it's worth watching. That's correct. The bad guys are the white guys. That's literally the whole plot of the movie. Peter Quill is my age in real life. If I had that mixtape, I would listen to it all the time. When I was a kid, my favorite music was old school metal. Like MC5 or Zappa. The fun stuff is what's on Peter's mix tape. Mix tapes used to be a thing and we traded them. They were usually taped off the radio. It took work. Sometimes, we'd re-mix them and record our own voices like a DJ that wasn't an ass who talked over the intro and outro. If you had a two deck boom box you'd always dub tapes. I had a nice 2 deck tape deck. Aiwa. It had soft open and high speed dubbing. You could turn of Dolby so you don't lose the high end when you record. I always used High Metal TDK tapes. They were better than CD because you didn't lose the base. Yes you get some tape hiss but it wasn't bad and it wasn't over-bright like CDs. Peter Quill's taste in music is exactly like mine. It's my parent's music. It's the music that my mother danced to back in the day. The music is perfect. I've got my own music that I like that my folks don't like. Still, I love Led Zeppelin. My dad was a Zeppelin fan back in the day. When I was a kid and I was sick, he used to dance around with me to calm me down playing Led Zeppelin IV. It always made me feel better. The music is perfect for a person of my age. Same age as the character and the actor. In case you're curious, the answer is a resounding NO! Big companies that deal in a lot of small transactions are terrible at reconciliation. I worked with a company that didn't notice over a million dollars in missing deposits over the course of a year due to a CC processing error. I worked with another that never caught cashiers skimming until I noticed it. That one was about $2k a month. Again, as long as you bank out "correctly" they'll have no idea. The only place I ever worked that would have noticed was Kmart of all places. I only know that because I worked with cash handling and chain of custody. A small business would definitely notice. Big companies pay almost no attention to anything. $5 million is pennies in a 5 gallon bucket to them. They never rec out properly in the end. Reconciliation is only at the register level. After that, they have no idea. Out of curiosity, what's a good caper movie? All caper movies are like this. Sometimes winners, sometimes losers. That's a caper movie. I don't normally like caper movies but I enjoyed this one. Oddball and interesting with an open ending. I agree that he would have been interesting to include, but I don't think it would have driven the plot forward. He would have been shoe-horned in to the dynamic because he wasn't developed initially. He would have to have been introduced earlier so that you have character backstory or you'd have to get to know him on the road but then you'd miss other parts of the traveling portion. If the writer had dropped the sex scene and the ridiculous letter reading scene, there would have been room but they went the direction as filmed. He would have been fun to have on the trip but, judging by the writer, he'd be the first killed but then, with him there, you'd have to have dialog about the description of the troglodytes. Then you'd lose the ominous feeling as they reach the valley (run-on sentence, I know). In the end, I think the writer made the correct decision. View all replies >