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Mary nag nag nag naggy nag nag why the heck did the chief insist on Ron being the protective detail? am I the only one whos increasingly annoyed by Dolores? What kind of writing is this...why wouldnt Lucious just take the scarf from him? Hayley kidnapped...why does Marcel act like a little puppy? Anyone else thought Halliday is played by Luke Perry :) ? has someone new taken over American Dad? Just theoretically...had the master won, what was the plan after? playing golf? episode 5 season 5 View all posts >


lol great, another franchise ruined. Batman is above average big yet not huge, square and muscular enough that he floors you with his punches. This dude has a lanky, 70kg max artist body type. Not Batman. Even looking back at Kilmer or Keaton who were not particuarly big, they were men, they gave off the manly vibe. This guy would be better as some sort of slick villain or possibly twoface or sth. Batman. he. is. not. He is kinda annoying yeah. The most ridiculous thing about him acting is when they put him in a serious or semi-serious role. Yet he has this permanent goofy face. He just looks goofy all the time. Deadpool is for him like Constanza was for Jason Alexander or Kramer for the Kramer actor. Lucky to find it,suits them perfectly. But terrible in all else, except kids stuff. hehe that would be funny... Not even if it happens,cause it wont, but if it gained enough traction/signatures to be talked about in various media and force the Dumb and Dumber duo to response begrudgingly. Lets face them with their complete and utter incompetence, blasting their egos and conviction they actually made a good season. Its reason enough to sign, lets take em down a notch :) And it looks lame AF. They have the budget, great actors, everything they need. But it looks like it will be a total straightforward plot with some lameas5 monsters and cheap laughs. Did something happen from the previous one in the franchise with this actor, that was actually kinda good... I dont know who mentioned it but i do remeber it was mentioned and without any finesse because I kinda remember the camera panning to Dany who looked a bit shocked, when they were talking about the undead army at some point... Yeah, I also thought he was kind of a d1ck. Now some say "oh buy thats how you would react in such circumstance". Not really. We've had this situation in other comicbook films and the friend didnt react like a jealous douchebag. I prefer it that way. Because it kinda distracted me, being annoying by his presence. There is not one thing that is good about this movie which is really a pathetic testament to poor taste of audiences today. And Im a huge fan of this genre and willing to overlook a lot. But the bland dull story, annoying AF actress, a confusing character that is already not that popular and she destroys it completely and overall the whole experience is as entertaining as a dog squeezing one out on the grass. Rotten Tomatoes is the worst benchmark for movie scores. Never understood why anyone would go there. Imdb is far better, or at least was, lately it has problems with artificially created scores. View all replies >