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Yeah, i love the x-men but I just cannot seem to get as hyped up for this as I usually do. Perhaps she'll surprise us. But so far I also think she makes the character a bit dull. Yeah, its a boring and extremely slow paced dull season. And not just story and tempo wise, the characters were all over the place, unconvincing and changing on the spot. Very poor writing. First season was leagues better. EXcatly, I couldnt believe how she went from a 1 season where we ended with a strong determined Ruth to begging for daddys love on her knees despite him constantly and really constantly telling her how worthless she is and what a loser. But shes like "no, love me daddy". Who wrote this nonsense? Yeah its unfortunate..An average show has more happen in 10 minutes than happens in Better Call Saul in whole episode worth. Nevermind the shows with fast pacing and intelligent focused dialogues(like Bob Thortons last one or House, Deuce and such). And this last BCL 4th ep... what the heck did even happen? Nothing in the whole ep. Jimmy gets a job. Mike calls out a dude and might get a job, and Kim procrastinates. WTF. Fine those two dudes went and killed a few other guys but that was so freakin random. Zero movement of storyline or anything, like a turd on the road roasting in the sun. Dont get it,they have excellent actors,excellent production all around quality wise,interesting story overall. They just dont use it but keep as still as possible and make every scene 15x times longer than necessary. Better Call Saul is best to wait to end season and binge watch it. it is truly awful. Why he keeps making this POS is beyond me. And the stupidity and horrible timing of the story or creating of his weird character. Its just one of those film that you keep thinking wtf? and looking at your watch. And how hes killing people left and right with no consequence...its just baffling how bad it is. Id say even without a very strong story, the visuals which Cameron knows how to deliver combined with all the sci-fi , other wordly gadgets,tech intertwined with the alien world it will just make for a great experience to watch. To immerse onself in that , its just entertaining, exploring that world with a nice morality based classical semi fairytale story for a backdrop. I dont see it losing much if anything with the previous special visual significance. Supposedly, they did a similar hop forward in CGI now that they did then because of underwater stuff, so in a way, it actually will be something special again in that aspect again. But I dont care, no point criticising beforehand, rather be glad youll be able to enjoy it, such epic,huge budget and made a renowned director are far and few inbetween. Interesting your niece likes, Id think it would be kinda boring for her because of the slow boil story progression and kids usually like a bit more activity. Well good for her, im glad someone does ;). But yeah...I hope they start soon with the powers more. Though it looks like the whole season will be sort of an intro. And in any case, you look at other Marvel shows, 9/10 all have the same problem. They do however eventually begin with action though that doesnt always correlate with quality unfortunately. Now we're 6 episodes in and still nothing. This couldve easily been called Cloak and Dagger P.I. or Cloak and Dagger;emotional baggage. This has nothing to do with comics. ITs horrible. Im kinda still hoping its just a slow start but honestly, how slow can you go FFS because its becoming unwatchable. well we are talking about Hayley being kidnapped and being current with the story so far is logically assumed. OTherwise why are you reading this even. Kinda like talking with your friends about the ending of a movie and then getting mad when they start talking how the movie began... Thats a weird request you are putting out. View all replies >