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Just because science doesn't have all the answers doesn't mean you have to make up stuff. Religions don't have any answer to anything. I Hope he stays. He's about the only character with any kind of personality. She wanted to burn cities to the ground a few times, children included. She finally got her fantasy. She was moved by that one kid thrown at her feet during "peace time" but when facing adversity, Fire & Blood was her first idea. That burnt kid is also there to add some nuance to her character. She had no one to stop her in King's Landing. Jorah and Missandei were dead. Greyworm is a yes man. Jorah did tell her to listen to Tyrion but after his blunders, she didn't trust him anymore. That attack on the gold train also reinforced her confidence. If you look at her journey, she was abused, sold and all that but never actually close to the common folks. You should be more clear yourself then. That 69 000 number was irrelevant. It doubles under a week. Are you happy now? Saying "days" is still accurate. It's nothing like the flu. It takes longer to develop symptoms, longer to recover and it's more deadly. Put all that together and it's much worse than the flu. Days is certainly not "tomorrow" in any language. So stop it with the lying accusation. I don't know my message was deleted. I guess moderators aren't too bright either. April 5th total was 64 400. Go back 6 days (March 30th) and it's 33 574. Go back another 6 days (March 24th) and it's 16 363. March 18th was 7891. Now, are you gonna nitpick and say it's not 6 days but 6.xxxx? You're just arguing for the sake of it. I get my data here: What about cows? Remember the mad cow scare? "<i>As of now, corona has claimed around 62.000 lives"</i> ... doubling every few days. Over 30 000 by next week. One thing that gets on my nerve is the constant "loud whispering", like a soap opera trying to be dramatic. I think the question of freewill is moot point because whatever we do, we do. (which always reminds me of Buckaroo Banzaï's "wherever you go, there you are"). Regarding your last paragraph. My post was reductive for brevity. It's obviously not that simple. Children don't grow up with only their parents around and the level of parental care is more of a sliding scale than an on/off switch. To stay with the computer analogy, broken code can still work. Genetic code, chemistry. My point is that we don't have control. He're a truth: Your mother doesn't really love you. She's programmed to. It's a trick to make her take care of her programming code: you. Parents who aren't "fooled" don't take care of their kids and the code dies. That's the reason more people "love" their kids than not. We are programmed for a lot of things like that, just not by Colonel Sanders in a TV control room. It's not so bad if you binge it without looking at crack pot theories for months in between seasons. She was always like that. Her first idea was always to burn burn burn. It's her advisors who kept her in check and she didn't have any left so she burned burned burned. Why didn't Gandalf ask the eagles to carry the ring. Yes, it's a "only" a theory: an explanation of an aspect of the natural world that can be repeatedly tested and verified in accordance with the scientific method. Why are still hung up on AOC instead of looking at the actual report? This is why people laugh at conservatives when it comes to science. You keep bringing up Al Gore, AOC, quotes from conversation, instead of the actual science. I knew someone would come up with the quote. You realize people often speak in general terms, right? You're bent up on the quote. A smarter person would ask why and where she got this, because that what's relevant. Only deniers talk about natural global warming to set up a strawman argument.