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Yes, it's a "only" a theory: an explanation of an aspect of the natural world that can be repeatedly tested and verified in accordance with the scientific method. Why are still hung up on AOC instead of looking at the actual report? This is why people laugh at conservatives when it comes to science. You keep bringing up Al Gore, AOC, quotes from conversation, instead of the actual science. I knew someone would come up with the quote. You realize people often speak in general terms, right? You're bent up on the quote. A smarter person would ask why and where she got this, because that what's relevant. Only deniers talk about natural global warming to set up a strawman argument. Consensus determined by evidence. AOC never said the world would end in 12 years. She said we have 12 years to keep temperatures below 1.5C, and she got that from the IPCC. Stop arguing from ignorance. They did at Greyworm, just not out loud. They said something like "he doesn't know there's no Night's Watch anymore" with a smile. That's the reason and they say it in plain words in the show. They laugh at Greyworm for it. "How are you?" See what I meant by not interested in learning? You dismissed my argument because cycles will continue. Then you go on on irrelevant generalities. There's no debate on climate change. It's only fuelled by those who stand to lose. Read or watch "Merchants of doubt". Extremism will come whether we want it or not. View all replies >