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"How are you?" See what I meant by not interested in learning? You dismissed my argument because cycles will continue. Then you go on on irrelevant generalities. There's no debate on climate change. It's only fuelled by those who stand to lose. Read or watch "Merchants of doubt". Extremism will come whether we want it or not. It's man-made because we're pumping greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. We're the trigger, so to speak. Yes, there will be more non-man-made. The Earth has plenty of life left to do its thing without us. There's no discussion to have. It's tons of information that you can find easily. There are many lectures on youtube from scientists who work on this. I've done this before, trying to educate someone, and all I ever got were "gotcha" questions. People like you ask questions until I can't find an answer and then go "gotcha! You can't answer this about a detail, so it's ALL bullshit." They're not interested in learning. That's the difference between skeptics and deniers. Skeptics listen to the answers, deniers do not. And if you think it's political, the science isn't. What is political is what we should do about it and libtards are sitting at the table while conservaturds cover their ears going "la la la". BTW, the latest BS from denier guru Tony Heller is that Greenland is gaining ice. He quotes a paper but not the part where they say it's only about the surface. When you take glacier calving, Greenland is losing ice year after year. See? You don't want to learn. Look up Milankovitch cycles. No I won't because you'll keep asking inane questions. I told you to Google it. Answers to your questions are VERY easy to find. You just prefer to stay ignorant and think you found a hole in the science. "If we are to blame, what caused it before?" Google it or stay clueless but please, don't argue out of ignorance. "Someday, trump won't be in office. And someone with sense will address the climate crisis." That's cute. "konnichiwa!" His friend got shot and died in prison. View all replies >