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Asshole boyfriend a poor mans Zombieland! I love old school horror movies welding guy? A good way to end one of my favorite shows. Coming from a casual fan People actually went to see this?lol Wow! Let me guess Shit movie! View all posts >


Really?! I love part 2 Since part 2 I have been waiting for a 3rd one. I agree! I love the movie but you do have some great points. I know right! Same here. Right away I was like something is wrong and it just gets worse.def the worst Star Wars movie ever and I lost any interest in seeing the next one. 100 percent agree. Last Blood is a great Rambo film in my book. Yeah I hate the people saying he’s to old to play the role blah blah blah.while the ones saying that are eating a bag of chips 60 pounds overweight. Not just movies either cause people do the same shit with sports. I thought it was def a canon and enjoyed the film very much. id love if they would do one more. seeing hanks and Steve’s funeral and skylers story I thought would be good also.but I guess there wouldn’t be any action though so I’m not sure how that would work. Definitely. Yeah that’s what threw me off too. View all replies >