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The truth about Mueller's claims about Russian interference in election "No one is above the law." Really enjoyed it. Two set-ups they didn't carry through on New Evidence Eliminates Christine Blasey Ford’s Residual Credibility The worst part of Season 3 Episode 1 for me A weird moment for me. It was ironic that... (spoiler) I found the Spanish-speaking scenes too-numerous and annoying. View all posts >


[quote]This is what you wrote dummy, what I responded to. Follow your own advice. Stop being stupid.[/quote] Huh? Are the Feds prosecuting Trump? Did Mueller say he came to the conclusion that Trump committed at crime? No, they aren't. And no, he didn't. So, by definition, Trump was exonerated. Mueller doesn't have to say that. Just like every other prosecutor in history didn't have to say that when they decided not to bring a case against someone. This isn't rocket science. Try to keep up. No. Stupid question by a delusional Trump hater. Unless you want to list the actual steps he's taken to turn the presidency into a dictatorship. And I mean actual steps, not your crazy fantasies. [quote]The OP can't figure out why Julian Assange wasn't interviewed?[/quote] There are multiple interviews of Assange on YouTube. Why do you think he couldn't be interviewed? Don't you find it curious why Mueller didn't use all those examples of evidence of Russian computer hacking to bolster his claim? And he used the one example he couldn't tie to the Russian government? Is he anti-intelligence also? To a liberal, all they have to do to refute an argument is to call someone a name. Never mind the actual evidence presented in the article. Did you actually read the court document and what the judge ruled? Once again, you prove you can't accept facts when they go against your beliefs. Stop posting stupid shit. [quote]I am concerned about climate change and its effects on Earth, but I admit I haven't really done much on my part to mitigate it...(I use a lot of energy....) [/quote] Leonardo DiCaprio, is that you? Al Gore? And Mueller admitted himself that NEVER in the history of the U.S. Justice Department has a prosecutor come out and said they haven't exonerated anyone. Because they don't need to. It's not their job to exonerate. It's their job to prosecute. If they can't find the evidence to prosecute, then, by definition, the person is exonerated. You are aware of the concept of innocent until proven guilty, right? Stop being stupid. View all replies >