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Everybody likes a WINNER! Trainspotting Just watched it. They drove 6000 miles South of New York on the way to Miami >African Americans There are black boxers in other countries you know? It's completely realistic that a black boxer in the heavyweight division is going to fight another black boxer for the belt. "i acknowledge African Americans dominated the heavyweight division for several decades" aaaaaaaaaaah CASE. POINT. >I was addressing the broader point SO you ignored the part where I said heavyweight boxing has been dominated by blacks? Because Adonis Creed is in the heavyweight division. Historically, the heavyweight division has been dominated by blacks. Maybe you didn't check for lists "best heavyweight boxers of all time". Another reason why it's ridiculous to claim Creed as an inorganic race swap. It's completely reasonable to have a black boxer fighting another black boxer in the heavyweight division for a heavyweight title. Completely reasonable and logical. "are producing more boxing champions across the board than the U.S." You're attempting to say only black boxers exist in the USA, or they only count when they're from the USA? Historically, there have been prominent black boxers outside the USA. In Europe, South America etc >No I never picked one weight class nor did you in your OP Ahem. The second sentence of my post you replied to....... "So what's your big problem over a <b>heavyweight</b> boxing champ, and the" I love how you're only talking about current, dismissed historical domination (the actual topic), and <b>heavyweight</b> (the division Adonis Creed is actually in). Like I said and will repeat over and over until you "get it". "Adonis Creed is in the <b>heavyweight</b> division. Go look up "best <b>heavyweight</b> boxers of all time". Any list is pretty lopsided. It's not a stretch to say that it's pretty realistic that a black guy is fighting a black guy in a <b>heavyweight</b> boxing match. " You're attempting to say that historically, blacks have not dominated the <b>heavyweight</b> division and that it's completely unrealistic that a black boxer in the <b>heavyweight</b> division is going to fight another black boxer. Are you really saying this? You're saying heavyweight boxing has not been dominated by blacks? Adonis Creed is in the heavyweight division. Go look up "best heavyweight boxers of all time". Any list is pretty lopsided. It's not a stretch to say that it's pretty realistic that a black guy is fighting a black guy in a heavyweight boxing match. Even Rocky took 4 movies to get to a white guy. (not including Spider Rico) And Creed fought 2 white guys in a row, gets to a black guy and all the racists come creeping out of the woodwork. Inorganic race swapping this is not. >hahahahahahahahahahahaahahhahahahahahaha!!! **yawn** Still not willing to talk about what is on-screen. Your points are vapour. I'll ask again.....Why do you think that Rocky has been inorganically race swapped? The only person who sees race in either the Rocky or Creed series is the OP, and YOU. I see a story about 2 different people. > i post 1000 plus post about film Politics and arguing about race. Thats YOU. Your last post shows how much of a race obsessed hypocrite you are. It's in POLITICS, and it's about RACE. You're an activist, who sometimes talks about movies. JFK is great film making. It's pure fantasy though. >hahahahahahhahah Tell me you're 15 years old without telling me you're 15 years old. You're the one ranting about race. Look at your post history. It's rife. Most frequented sub...Politics to rant about race. Most common used words in BOandBarbecues posts: "white", "woketard", "race", "racist", "west culture" Then you complain that everybody else is obsessed. Maybe try not to ignite race wars, hunting for "libtards" and finger point because you're barking up the wrong tree here. See my posts on Woman King, Rings of Power, Lenny Henry, Last Jedi etc. When it's race swapping, gender swapping inappropriately, and messing with the source material I have a problem. Creed is completely organic, and you have yet to explain why you think it isn't. >i try to give you teachings over why this man is correct about rockys and film No -_- you ranted about cinema being owned by white men. That's nothing to do with what is onscreen. The race of the person who made the soundtrack is irrelevant. Your points are vapour. Irrelevant. You seem to be on a race crusade and have come to a movie forum to talk about anything but movies. I'll ask again.....Why do you think that Rocky has been inorganically race swapped? Why do you think a series of three films with a black lead, called Creed as he's Apollo Creed's son who was a black man should be based around white culture? >either you all shut face about race Dude......your post history. Every other post is arguing about.......RACE. I agree that the cartoon British were the worst part of the film. It was a little too over the top, and the acting was terrible. >you see the west woketard make everything about race now. made it about race. The person I responded to made it solely about race. Which you agreed with. Then you ranted something about the person who wrote the soundtrack being white, and cinema being owned by whites, more rants about westwoketards, something, something. The topic was about Rocky being inorganically race swapped, why a film series with a black lead should be based around white culture, and you have yet to explain why you think this. >woketard aaaah. I get it now. Maybe you're in the wrong place, we're talking about movies here. Not politics. I'm sure there's a far riech thread around here somewhere so you can feel at home in an echo chamber. Now stay on topic. Why do you think that Rocky has been inorganically race swapped? Why do you think a series of three films with a black lead, called Creed as he's Apollo Creed's son who was a black man should be based around white culture? So Rocky took boxing, a sport with a history of being black-dominated, and turned it white? So what's your big problem over a heavyweight boxing champ, and the Seems pretty realistic to me. Maybe you have a problem with Apollo Creed and Clubber Lang also? >hollywood from time when rocky was made is white culture. most film you watch especially from 20th centurys have 100% white man behind camera who produce film, write story, direct, do musics etc etc Barring the grammar errors your point is vapour. Written by an Italian American, playing an Italian American, with the nickname of ITALIAN STALLION. With a theme song from an Italian American. Produced by 2 Jewish guys. >cinema is white culture You're pretty much saying that the art of film is owned by whites. As if other countries do not produce cinema. Bruv, give your head a shake. Are you seriously classing Hollywood as the whole of cinema? Hollywood is predominantly white because the USA happens to be a predominantly white nation. But did you go around asking all the Jewish producers (there are a lot), and actors if they identify as "white", because some may not. Some Italian American immigrants were not classed as whites in the USA back in the day, and it's only been a recent development. So now they are whites just so you can own their achievements? >if you do not believe me find all your favorite film and look at end credits and see who produce, write, directs. See above. Nonsensical point. Reaching. Grasping. >you get upset when you find out it is white man who create many great thing in this world then it become problem Oops, that was a tangent, wasn't it. Please explain why I'm upset over Sylvester Stallone having light skin? If there's an argument for race swapping for the sake of race swapping to tick boxes in movies, Creed is not the best target. It's reaching. Grasping. So you have zero skin in the game then? Don't be so touchy. I'm from England and have no qualms about my ancestors being made fun of. They invaded and occupied India. We were the bad guys. Let them have their fun, get it out of their system. It's nothing to do with me, I wasn't part of it, so I don't have a problem. Now, on the other hand, The Woman King travesty and the Dahomey Nazis I do have a problem with. This I don't because we were the bad guys. It's no worse than the Nazis being made into caricatures, or the Russians as we see in many, many Hollywood movies since the cold war. Or basically, anybody that is not from the good old US of A. Other countries have been free game in Hollywood for a good while now. So let the Indians have their time making fun of their old oppressors. You must be seething at Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins! McKellen is the King of Ham. Let's say the Father of Hamlet of Ham. Even in Xmen he was having voice quiver-offs with Patrick Stewart. So you're English? You have a problem with the English being seen as the bad guys in the past in the eyes of India? Because the writing is pretty great. The visual storytelling beats anything I've seen in years. More moments and story are told without dialogue, which makes for great cinema. A refreshing change from having Basil Exposition walking on screen to explain everything like we do in the majority of Hollywood films now. Visual storytelling. Tons of it. Show don't tell. Guide with visuals do not shout at the screen. The story, the acting and the performances from the leads. The action is engaging, well-told visually, and entertaining as F. Way better than anything Hollywood is putting out there despite its flaws in CGI. The directing. Probably the hardest film to make as a director this year along with Everything, All at Once. Should have been nominated for best movie, and best director. Fablemans you should be complaining about. And from the comments I see above that claim this is mediocre, bland Indian cinema compared to its contemporaries. I may just stop watching movies from the USA, and solely watch Indian cinema if this is considered trite and tripe compared to other Indian movies. The cast were great. The look of the movie wasn't great either. Bland, almost like a TV movie, and looking at the director he was a first-timer who went on to do TV projects only after this. Not adept in horror, suspense, tension, or action. Which shows as we barely saw any. A TV director with an ok script and great actors. The 2nd movie they wrote Creed really badly. He was just an ass. I disliked the character in the 2nd after loving him in the 1st