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William Sheikspeares: Bromeo & Dudeliet Failed to deliver on expectations. Hilarious Lenny Henry sketch (reminder he loves calling fans racist for not liking his awful show) The two extremes of this is Top Gun, Karate Kid and new Star Wars. Showrunners- "We receive notes from people saying it brought their family back together" Article: Galad in stunning love triangle! "who is Galadriel in love with?" Director of She Hulk - 'was receiving voicemails from 9-year-olds begging to hear what happened next.' Tolkien "Superfans" from the previews proven to be paid shills, didn't even watch the show List of mind boggling quotes from the show So now the Hobbits are Irish & the Dwarves Scottish? I'm calling the plot now 99 reasons why Hidden is dumb. Realsitic grounded Batman, bomb goes off in his face, My Friday the 13th story -Fan Fic After Yang is a very good film. Jarvis house used in an episode of the Twilight Zone (video link inside) How woke was Adolf? Literally Putin, there I said it! Best movie related YouTube channel? How woke is he?