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One of the greatest and most epic songs ever... What is one of your biggest flaws... Colonel Stuart deserved so much worse... Welcome to this board, where... What do you have to do to go to hell... "Fuck Bruce Willis." Phony Aussie... Shortest song in the world... There's nothing quite like... I saw civilisation for the first time in about 2 months today... View all posts >


"Danger Zone" - Ramones Eddie Cochran. "Snowblind" - Black Sabbath It's not a music video because there isn't one but here... Florida man asks police to remove mugshot from Facebook after theft, only for them to replace it with booking photo. My birthday is the same as the presidential election of Donald Trump. I love GTA Vice City. It's basically a mix of Miami Vice and Scarface (1983) As someone who plays video games themself I can sometimes relate. Lol Twister Not attractive on men either. The body is not a canvas. View all replies >