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The Y in the Disney logo looks too much like a P... Rate this disturbing song out of 10... Someone fucking tell me... The U.S is not a nation under "God." Why do Christians care that some people are gay? My unpopular music opinion... Rate a band out of 10: Part 4... Do you have any phobias? View all posts >


We actually call shrimp prawns, like in England. How do you know that these people believing there's no such thing as gender and those that believe in the gender pay gap are the same people? Your problem is that you are classifying them all as thinking the exact same way. As an Australian, I've never tried it, but I want to. The Blair Witch Project Didn't know corpses could talk. You're boring me. Hard game too. Very hard. "Having a wank" is a common expression used here in Australia and I think England too. I thought for a moment it was going to be a photo of a specific body part. I think the title factors in all the other deaths that the family has caused. View all replies >