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"I thought it was great how they nerfed and basically humilated one of the core Avengers by making him yell at children over a video game, run away scared, and cry to his mommy." The only people saying this are people who don't actually like Thor. I'd say the same thing to any character I don't like as well because I don't care if they don't get any shine in the movie. Saying he'll be back in the next movie is bullshit. He should have been back in THIS movie. The issues many people are having is that they made decisions that hurt the movie because of leftist political motivations. We are getting sick of political injections into our movies and this time it impacted one of the most anticipated movies of all time. What the fuck was that all girls assemble scene in the movie? What the fuck was with the fat Thor "joke" that took Thor out of essentially the entire movie? What the fuck was with the Hulk not fighting either? What the fuck is with Captain America going off to the past and then handing the dhield to Sam? The weak excuses that the damage control bots are putting out for this doesn't magically make these and the many other issues go away. When I saw the movie in theaters I had mixed feelings. Now I'm starting to straight up dislike this movie for where they decided to take things. Even simple things like Thanos being just a straight up evil creature in this movie instead of calculating and a galactic eco terrorist of sorts. Or the fact that he seems just as strong with or without the infinity stones. They made too many mistakes with this movie that did not have to be made. I'm really not happy how they nerfed Hulk and Thor in this movie. Be ready for all the "damage control" posts that will pretend there was nothing wrong with the movie. 100% agree with these. This movie had clear leftist political agendas at play. Most likely decisions made by Disney. You just said there were 50 people officially part of the Avengers team in this movie and you're calling someone else stupid? Good god man you have your head firmly stuck up your ass. YES THE AVENGERS, THE ACTUAL TEAM, ALL 7 OF THEM, SHOULD HAVE EACH GOTTEN THEIR EPIC MOMENTS. Maybe if I say it louder your walnut sized brain will be able to process it. They've spent over a decade working towards this movie and they totally bushed off Hulk and Thor's characters. Yes, next let's humiliate and disparage and degrade Captain Marvel for an entire 3 hours. It'll be super "humorous". >you idiot know-it-all fans Right back at you asshole. This is supposed to be an Avengers movie. The entire team is supposed to get the opportunity to show off. Why even have a Thor or Hulk in the movie if they aren't going to be Hulk or Thor. Myself and millions of others are tuning in to these movies to watch them fight the bad guys and show just how incredibly powerful they can. To show how absolutely stupid your "logic" is, Tony has had a significant scene at the end in every movie? He's even already had sacrifice scenes. Same can be said about Captain America. They totally disrespected the Thor character. Just because it doesn't bother you doesn't mean it doesn't bother ALOT of other people. Why even have characters like Hulk and Thor if you aren't going to even really use them for the epic conclusion? Next will be a movie with Silver Surfer but he won't shoot blasts or move at hyper speeds. And then Spiderman will only jump around and fight for a total of 6 minutes of his next movie. Utter bullshit. It's been going on since the movie came out. Justice for Thor fans. They'll probably make him badass again in the next movie but what they did with the character in Endgame is hugely disappointing. View all replies >