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Stop ignoring the very clear information I'm saying. I know you're too dumb to read. I said it's being heavily promoted and done deliberately on a large scale in a direct cause to ethnically replace white people. Complaining about a large scale issue. This show is just a minor part of it. Keep dreaming, princess. I'm married with three kids. Try again jackass. Why do I care? Because I'm white and white people are being ethnically replaced on a global scale. It's a modern form of genocide. I'm not Richard Spencer, but you're definitely a moron. It is being done deliberately to lower the amount of white people in white nations, as non white people in non white nations continue to increase in numbers. If it were a natural progression, it would not be as much of an issue. But it is being heavily promoted with the specific intention of affecting white populations. The amount of white female/non white male partnerships in commercials, tv, movies, social media, and other outlets has skyrocketed in the US, Canada, and Europe. This is not some random thing, it's a coordinated effort. If there were 4 commercials and shows a day, everyday, showing specifically a white woman with an amputee, you might start noticing a pattern and think it's a bit odd. That's literally what is happening with the obvious promotion of white women with non whites. It is being done intentionally. "I can't believe people are upset at the ethnic targeting in media and advertising intentionally trying to get white women to race mix more. Something that is proving detrimental to white people globally." Fixed that for you. View all replies >