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More leftist garbage with race mixing. Bernthal is simply not the best fit for the Punisher Ranking the seasons The part of the movie that "got you". Ready for crossovers with Venom Why this movie did so poorly All of the bad people in this movie are white Best President in the past 30 years So his name is Shazam now... View all posts >


[quote]He looks like The Punisher[/quote] He literally does not. Go pull up a picture of the Punisher before Bernthal took the role. He's simply not the Punisher in appearance. He's too short, skinny head, has the wrong hair, absolutely does not have the body frame. Besides skin tone he just doesn't fit. He does ok with the anger and brooding, but Frank Castle is supposed to be a sharp military man. Bernthal plays the role like he's always on drugs and he can barely speak. Dang Wikipedia has him at 55. That's pushing it. He could do a "later era" Punisher but at this point he wouldn't be able to do an origin story unless they CGI him like crazy. He has the appearance. He clearly has the ability to be gritty and a killer from other roles he's done. He's Italian. He's from New York. And he's already got the name Frank! The last thing to tie it together for him would be the acting chops required to show a man who has lost his wife and children to the mafia and now has an insatiable drive to kill all would be criminals. Great pick for a potential actor. It parts of Massachusettes the people are stereotypically known to swear alot. They are leftist drones. The things they have been commanded to support have been growing more and more deranged as time goes on. Hormone therapy for children to alter their gender? Check. Open racism against white people? Check. Supporting the growth of Islam in the West? Check. Antifa physically assaulting people not on the left? Check. And the list goes on. If you consider yourself part of the left these days, you are participant to a party of evil psychopaths. You know I do princess. I love watching leftists get their little feelings hurt when you attack their moronic idols. Tell me more, sweetie. =) You mean like the ultra conservative Justices he's having appointed yhat will be there for decades? Lmao. The only people who buy into your nonsense are the people who didn't like conservatives in the first place. And after Hillary straight up cheated Bernie, now a bunch of Bernie supporters have seen the light on how corrupt the DNC is. You're not following similar polls to who said Hillary eas going to win by a LANDSLIDE right? =) Trump is in majority favor. Despite the constant leftist baby crying. I'm so happy he's not Hillary or Obama. I'm also happy with the excellent job he's been doing. View all replies >