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I am very anti-woke and the "bla bla bla female lead" didn't bother me at all. Thanks shill. It was about as good as you're going to get in 2024 considering how utterly hobbled everything is right now. As soon as things swing back round (This latest Disney revelation where they admit that they won't hire white males might help) maybe Hollywood can cast off the woke albatross and we can get stuff that is just made to be good (regardless of everyone's skin colour, sexuality and gender) again. Yeah, Matt Damon and Chris Pine are the bobbleheads of Hollywood. Maybe instead of (as we are now finding out) openly discriminating against white males and hiring from demographics that massively over represent minorities they could hire people based on whether they actually give a shit about Star Wars. She has the same decision making abilities as anyone else. She had full agency here. She did something stupid and the consequence of that is that she looks objectively worse than she did before. Just because she is female doesn't mean she is now some kind of poor helpless victim. In episode 4 (at 10 minutes 19 seconds) we see that she can't even pronounce "progressive". No one minded when they were making good stuff though. The subplot with Frenchie and his gay lover has nothing to do with The Boys or the main theme of the show. It is like a cut and paste from a spinoff no one asked for with forced added gayness shoved in our faces as an extra measure. I honestly don't understand why these women are spending money to de-feminise their faces and (in Erin Moriarty's case) add about 10 years to how old they look. Women, especially teenage girls are susceptible to these social epidemics. All it takes is one idiot to do something fucking stupid and the rest follow like cattle. View all replies >