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Jeremy Davies Winona Ryder Rewrite Season 8 with me Spoiler Alert If you weren't disgusted at how bad Season 8 was... How many times can one character get knocked unconscious? Looked alright until about halfway through... Two People Talking The scene with Logan and the piano (spoilers I suppose) View all posts >


This one has black people. How about some fast cuts? Jump scares too? Classic glans cut. You can see the dong at the end of episode one. I am surprised Rue hasn't felt it rubbing up against her. Pretty much the same, but "Screaming Meemies" had some really good dialogue. She is absolutely terrible in S3 of Stranger Things. Maybe that wasn't entirely her fault though. ...and Emma Watson. She-Ra and Cheetara were my first crushes. This was always better than He-Man because why watch a muscly dude do stuff, when you can watch a hot blonde woman do stuff? ...and now they ruined it. If it wins anything for writing then the world has gone to sh.t. He outplayed all the other players by growing a large set of eyebrows, and then warging into a bunch of crows for no reason? View all replies >