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Jump the shark moment Just did my taxes Why did this only last two years?? Being born in 1984 one thing is sure Brock and Cooper vs. The Detroit Creeper Australian Schools serving bugs for lunch Fingal vs Fatman WWE Style I was there that night Selling the Company to Donald Trump I'm not a Gentile View all posts >


It's all that gad dang deodorant and Mountain Dew killing our kids Because it's's more like early 2000s Disney channel Yeah the Moviechat Liberals have been awfully silent lately but seem to be poking their noses out to talk about Paul Pelosi that nobody but them cares about but as evidenced in this post they claim only you care about it when they are the ones bringing it up. Its decent as long as none of the kids are on screen. Good actor and likeable guy but the show is much better and more realistic if you pretend that story never happened and Hydes father was just some white junkie. I had a Hyde of my own living with my family as a teenager and trust me it never turned out that his dad was a successful black man. Well we do love in a society where burning down cities in demand of changes to the rule of law is "mostly peaceful" but taking a dump on Nancy Pelosi's desk and taking a selfie is an insurrection. Maybe to snobby rich preppy girls in California but all the girls in my school were obsessed with TLC I think more people wear nirvana clothes now that they did in the 90s I'm sure I did because we are owned by the state government and went from making roughly 250 to 300 a week up to 600-800 a week this year The mom is just like every other hot blonde milf you can see on a variety of websites that all look the same. Lily has a very unique hotness that can't be duplicated View all replies >