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That was freaky for sure! So was the very ending. Great catch! Fair point. Exactly the same. I have seen so many movies that started strong but failed to stick the landing and left a sour taste at the end. This was just the opposite, started a bit weak, got moderately strong, then really dazzled me at the end. Very cool! Very interesting! I obviously need to watch this again. I like this! I agree, masterpiece is not too strong a word--and I don't say that lightly, at all (my friends always tease me about what a "tough grader" I am when it comes to cinema). "Laurie does not know Mike was a main character on her fave show Roswell, indicating she came from a different reality/timeline in which Mike clearly never was on Roswell." Ohhhh! Mind blown. But I didn't think any of them had gone outside at that point. Or are you saying the timelines got scrambled on the way to the party? Very interesting! I did not notice any of those details but that's super cool. View all replies >