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So are we supposed to understand... (SPOILERS) Is the whole thing meant to be tongue in cheek? Dropped plot thread? Unreliable narrator? Was the original pilot “hard R”? Did Batman let go of the Joker on purpose? Good movie for over an hour, and then it collapsed epically in the last act Thora Birch really impressed me The movie spoils itself for the mathematically inclined Did Cooper intend us to like Ally’s pop music? View all posts >


The real problem as I see it is that there is too much grade inflation for black films among critics and award voters, and that obscures the truly great talents. I had gotten to the point where I was very skeptical when a movie by a black filmmaker with a black cast got a lot of hype, so I almost did not watch “Moonlight”. Add in the gay angle, and I was pretty sure the plaudits were for its double diversity. But fortunately I still checked it out, and that really was one of the best films of the decade. So it’s kind of unfair to a filmmaker like Barry Jenkins when every black filmmaker gets so much praise and it’s all the way to 11 all the time, and no one has a way to indicate that a film like “Moonlight” really is as good as the hype. For me the only other film by a black filmmaker that lives up to the reviews is Spike Lee’s “Do the Right Thing”. So it’s not a great batting average, but it is proof that black filmmakers can make masterpieces—and that we need honest critics that are more discerning and sort out the great from the mediocre. What about Barry Jenkins? You make a good point about continuity and I don’t think this film was great, but I did like it fine overall (6/10). The falling rather than floating was actually realistic though. The ship was continuously accelerating (and then, partway through the voyage, decelerating after turning around to face the opposite direction) at 1g. So anything that went out the airlock would fall from the ship’s perspective, just like dropping something out a window on Earth. This was illustrated at the beginning when he drops a wrench while working outside the ship and it falls into the void. Only in being recent low budget science fiction. I rate “Prospect” 9/10; this was 6/10. Why was Bo Peep gone anyway? I guess I missed that. Yes, exactly right. It’s pretty transparent that they changed her character because of changing social norms around feminism, but that doesn’t make me angry the way it seems to with so many other people. What’s funny to me is how in the process of putting her in pants and so on, I ended up finding her really sexy. Is that wrong? LOL Tamir Rice’s shooting was not justified. Mike Brown’s definitely was. A scenario like that in this movie is in a grey area. We don’t need BLMers claiming they are all unjustified, and we also don’t need people like you who make excuses for all of these shootings. It’s really more than the first half that was good. Probably at least the first hour. But the last 20 or 30 minutes is really ridiculous and bad, and even most of the critics praising it realize this (you can find hints about that in their reviews) but they are grading generously. Yeah, it really fell apart in the end which is unfortunate. That’s a huge “except”. How can you know when you are signing up for it that you really understand the implications of what you are signing away? That is exactly why indentured servitude and debtors’ prisons were made illegal when the United States became a country. View all replies >