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Thora Birch really impressed me The movie spoils itself for the mathematically inclined Did Cooper intend us to like Ally’s pop music? Hint of conspiracy? Were we supposed to see the adhesive pads over Beals’s breasts? Interpretation of the ending (spoilers, obv.) Other movies like this one? Neither as bad as some claim nor worthy of Oscar consideration They just get “assigned” a new police chief? WTF Weird, seemingly random scene. “Hello? Anyone here?” View all posts >


I guess you never watched “Bewitched”. I like the movie less if everything was just on marionette strings and Daughter had no agency. Yeah, the contrast of her appearance and her warm voice was very interesting. Well, that's just, like, your opinion, man. I don't know whether I want them to have emotions or not. But I think it's likely they will develop them (even if they are alien to our way of thinking) as a kind of evolutionary "spandrel" that goes along with sentience and superintelligence. I would have advised against spoiling yourself, but since you ask: there are definitely some commonalities (though also clear differences). I liked it quite a bit. 8/10 How about you? I too loved both "Prospect" and this one, and definitely hope they keep it up. Was "Prospect" strictly speaking a Netflix film? I thought it had a theatrical run and got acquired by them. Good review. I agree, and I hope Netflix keeps this up! I was very pleasantly surprised. I think that's definitely what they do. But they give it away (for, again, the mathematically inclined) by showing the number of days. I'm not sure they should have done that. View all replies >