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Soundtrack! The coin? Surprise! Great sci-fi from out of nowhere Who's in charge of adding eps. to IMDb? LBJ's pronounciation of "sacrifice." The two fingered wave between Moran and Matunas in the hospital Ratings look fishy First Japanese scene subtitled? View all posts >


Funny so many people noticed it, including myself. I'd guess the cheapest and easkiest way to do it would be for the kid to say his lines, quickly fill his mouth with creamed corn and have him spew that or whatever recipe the PFX guy made, and digitally make a seamless cut in the middle. The puke looked real/practical, and didn't look like more than a mouthful. Adding a precious few to the already slim pickings: 6/10 When Animals Dream (2014) Werewolf of London (1935) As Boas Maneiras (Good Manners) (2017) 5/10 Wolfen (1981) The scene in the truck between Cooper and Elliott, and Elliott's reaction got to me good. I basically kept that sniffle going til the credits. He spoke Spanish to some friends in the opening scenes of the movie. And if you ever go to the Caribbean or South America, you'll notice many Spanish speaking countries with large Afro-Latino populations: Cuba, The Dominican Republic, Colombia... Kinda jumped out at me hence my search to see if anyone else had caught it. Kind of a "hacking the mainframe" moment. Cheers! Yeah, that felt really clumsy, not to mention a third of the other characters' dialogue was just virtue signaling. There was a little to like here and there, but you can't do much with a dumb script. Possibly an analog of Charon. Sure, but they make great naan, and dal, and biryani, and tikka masala, and korma... /s [quote]once is better than never. maybe.[/quote]Once is enough fodder for the spank bank. And that is a *wide* leap of logic you are inferring from a glance. Unless you mean "with" as in "in the company of" and not "inside me." I took it as Neeson once tried to get him laid, but it was a disaster. View all replies >