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nice post, good read. thanks for the info..makes sense. yeah, thought so. thanks for confirming that sorry for the late reply, but of course he does. Its underneath the White House to the left to be exact. This would be anti-nuke, anti-zombie, anti anything if he's involved. We should be so lucky. It is formerly AKA the White House Bunker. Hillary should have one of her own I'd say, but that baby killer doesn't deserve one imo agreed yes you are correct. I ve read the book a long time ago lol. What i believe the OP was referring to was the dumb waiter incident. That wasn't in the book, unless I am wrong.. I don't remember the sister being able to even get up to a dumb waiter as Rachel brought her meals up to her. Please let me know if the dumb waiter incident was in the book., would be interesting for sure. i pick 2. sounds about right, but i guess we will never know the answer which sucks. no, it was not in the book, or movie at all. she had some sort of spinal disorder, and was technically insane from years of neglect, placed in the care of an 8 year old, and just laying in bed all day. in the original book and movie, she died by choking i believe, choked to death in the presence of her 8 year old sister Rachel. I hope this helps. kind of, but its coming around wow, she does resemble DC View all replies >