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Probably bc demons manifest in the mouth where it can be physically seen. If u noticed in the scene where Rosaria lost her baby. Look at her mouth. The darkness manifesting there coming to full fruition. The ugliness. Same with the little girl in the Exorcist. It's a point of entrance. Clearly one can see the decay,the corruption etc. Jeanne for sure. She’s got beautiful features, especially lips, and striking eyes. Sharon does as well, but her lips aren’t as Jeanne’s. Her upper is a little thinner than the lower. She also walks with a little slouch, and her bootie is a little flat. Watch her in Casino on the floor when Sam first meets her, and she causes an upheaval with one of the customer’s bc he knows she’s stolen some chips. Same with The Specialist. She slouches too much. Also, Jeanne’s boobies look a little better formed, and larger if you’re into that thing. Not judging, just making an observation bc they both really are gorgeous. I just think JT has it going on more. So nobody come for me!!!! Yes. I believe it was either at the beginning, or the end. Maybe even both! :) Sorry for the late reply. In real life actually. The theater was full, packed to the brim. When I got out, I wanted to see it again. I was also in 😭 tears as well. More than 20 times I believe. I hope she killed the lowly little bastards. Had it shown Grace killing the kids, I doubt people would’ve have disliked her even then. I was hoping it would show the reality at the ending. Makes me wonder if they may have contributed to their own mothers death in some way. They took after their psycho mommy that’s for sure. 285,000 budget So did I. He was planning to do something sinister to her. Conveniently he takes a “shortcut” View all replies >