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So sick of the crap spewing racist movies Hard to believe.. Typhus Documentation of names Jews and suffering Amon Goeth They were allowed to bring their maids/housekeepers? The mother and the baby Filthy rat WHY have the Jews suffered so much? View all posts >


kind of, but its coming around wow, she does resemble DC In your dreams Pedro, in your dreams. yes, you hit the nail on the head. Any dickhead that wishes the same treatment for children regardless of colors are fucking imbeciles, and I can see this post brought out lots of them. Just because black kids were lynched doesn't give the same treatment right way for white kids you nimrods! That proves why then. Spike Lee is overrated and useless. Hes a major racists against whites. When arent they racist towards whites? I too am tired of seeing this shit on the screen. White guilt is everywhere and it continues on...... fuckin hilarious! hehe Its based on Elle Crafts. She really did get thrown in a wood chipper after her husband strangled her back in 1986. But apparently the Coen brothers are too stupid too realize this as this whole movie had nothing to do with her murder or even simply slightly portraying it. View all replies >