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I hope she killed the lowly little bastards. Had it shown Grace killing the kids, I doubt people would’ve have disliked her even then. I was hoping it would show the reality at the ending. Makes me wonder if they may have contributed to their own mothers death in some way. They took after their psycho mommy that’s for sure. 285,000 budget So did I. He was planning to do something sinister to her. Conveniently he takes a “shortcut” Yes you are so correct ! That’s exactly right! The time frame doesn’t match because she sure as hell knocks him in the face and runs the hell out of there fast. Never does it show him reaching up and pulling her down. Then she is running away? Huge plot hole! great interpretation nice post, good read. thanks for the info..makes sense. yeah, thought so. thanks for confirming that sorry for the late reply, but of course he does. Its underneath the White House to the left to be exact. This would be anti-nuke, anti-zombie, anti anything if he's involved. We should be so lucky. It is formerly AKA the White House Bunker. Hillary should have one of her own I'd say, but that baby killer doesn't deserve one imo agreed View all replies >