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Model Kid / Public Television of the Dead Dead at 79 Greece finally wins! Fun, funny and random RIP So much hate on this board. Snyder League is a masterpiece. Finally on Blu-ray! Cliffhanger??? *SPOILER* It came to me in a dream (literally) I love Weinerville, but WTF? View all posts >


"cannot really ever be done again" Tell that to George Lucas. :D The last time the unaltered Star Wars trilogy was (officially) released was in 2006, albeit as special features on the individual DVDs. And even then, they were just LaserDisc rips. Six feet under, with the rest of them. Honestly, I don't know how I missed him. Maybe I didn't want to think of John Wayne. :D Damn. I loved him on Letterman. Had no idea he was older than Dave. RIP. I've never really actively watched Friends. It's just always been on. And it was on the air for so long that it's probably too far away from me. I have the DVDs from my late grandmother that I could pop in and watch anytime (my household isn't noisy/crazy/disruptive) if I cared to. Like Seinfeld and several other 90s sitcoms, I would have been too young to appreciate the show while it was on the air. I mostly only watched Nickelodeon/Nick at Nite and kids shows. But with my upbringing and my family's "taste," I would have had to discover these kinds of shows on my own. I had never even heard of Seinfeld until it went into syndication on my local Fox station. It wasn't until the later 90s that I started watching more adult-oriented shows such as 3rd Rock from the Sun and Frasier reruns. My family is largely Christian/Republican (to whatever degree), so their tastes would never have gravitated toward Seinfeld. I don't know if Grandma watched Friends during its original run or only after. Most of the sitcoms she liked were on CBS (Raymond, King of Queens, Mike & Molly, Mom type multicams). I like Seinfeld, but I just never really cared to actually check out Friends. And speak of the devil, it just came on my local station. Ross's wedding. I'm a liberal Millennial. Of the top of my head: Hitler Stalin Mussolini Mao Napoleon Nero King George III Lenin Fidel Castro Ivan the Terrible Vlad the Impaler Hernan Cortes I had very good social studies teachers. T2, followed by Kindergarten Cop. T2, especially, left a huge impression on me, before I was even aware that there was a T1. I watched it several times on VHS and I like to watch it when it's on TV. Pulp Fiction is a must. In fact, they could do Forrest Gump, Pulp Fiction, Shawshank, Ed Wood, and Quiz Show. They could do an entire episode just about 1999. Like 1939, it was a landmark year for cinema: The Matrix Office Space Fight Club Eyes Wide Shut American Beauty The Sixth Sense Being John Malkovich The Green Mile Boys Don't Cry Girl, Interrupted [url][/url] Toy Story 1 & 2 definitely. The big Disney Renaissance films. Scream and the glossy 90s teen slashers. [b]Edit:[/b] I somehow got this confused with CNN's The Movies. I still like the 1999 idea. They should definitely throw in some blockbusters and tentpoles. Batman Batman Returns Superman Spider-Man Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and/or the entire Dark Knight Trilogy MCU Halloween Friday the 13th A Nightmare on Elm Street The Thing Escape From New York The Warriors Blade Runner Tron (They could especially talk about the then-groundbreaking special effects) The Wrath of Khan Star Wars original trilogy Welcome to my ignore list. Meat Loaf himself is vegan, so who knows? La Llorona was one of the "better" secondary Conjuring films. Just needed more trimming in the editing room. Could've been worse. At least it wasn't John Leonetti, who has a history of directed disappointing follow-ups to films he photographed (Mortal Kombat: Annihilation, Annabelle). I thought 3 was quite good in spite of the post-Wan dropoff and no Hayes Brothers. I thought the cold open was one of the best. View all replies >