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Middle-aged Mutant Ninja Turtles Surprisingly solid indie America, have you heard? Second half was incoherent One of the greatest writers in the history of the English language This sucks. Shutting down. Generic and boring A masterpiece Scares were too quick or dragged on I just completed my first video in Avid View all posts >


Fury Road hailed 'Greatest Film of The Century' not directed by Chris Nolan or Quentin Tarantino. Right? Not very flattering at all. In fact, it makes her look like Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Yuck. Lily (and Lana) deserve better than this. Ca nada That's more like it. The world needs more Neil Young right now. You pretty much answered your own question when you gave your two cents on The Lighthouse. You're just not an art guy. He most certainly is. This dawned on me on my second viewing. If Hitchcock were alive today, he'd literally be 120 years old. That said, who's to say his films wouldn't be full of R rated material? Sam, I want you to come back to Smith's Grove. I think you meant to post this on the Spider-Man Homecoming board. This is Rampage, the Rock movie based on the old video game franchise about giant apes and dinosaurs. This was a crowning moment in the film. It was perfect. Cap and Mjolnir. "I knew it!" Cap showing Thanos who's boss. *Spoilers* I was very careful about spoilers and blocked as many Marvel-related keywords as I could think of, and I still had Tony Stark's death spoiled. But to be fair, it took me until last night to finally get around to seeing it for the first time (partly because I was several movies behind). Now I've seen all the important ones, with only Captain Marvel and Far From Home remaining until Black Widow comes out. I only other thing I knew about Endgame was Fat Thor, but I never considered that a spoiler. View all replies >