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I'd say in this case it needed an extra few minutes to show what happened. Lets take "I Spit on Your Grave" as an example of one that could end abruptly. After Stanley dies the film ends. I wouldn't call it a happy ending for her after the ordeal but she did get her revenge. She was right on her back door, probably returned to the house, maybe finished the book she was there to write, maybe packed up and left. Maybe when she returned to Ney York got counseling. Then maybe like in the sequel to the remake she killed the people who had harmed the fellow victims of the support group. Hills Have Eyes on the other hand. The survivors are still stranded in the middle of nowhere. Caravan and car destroyed. Radio, probably burned. So what happens? Travel back to the filling station, follow the road until they finally see a car to flag down and rescue them? Or do they perish in the middle of nowhere. I don't think many cars use that road otherwise someone would have pulled over to help them. Always wondered how strictly the rules needed to be followed. We only know that if a Shinigami kills to deliberately lengthen a human's life that Shinigami will die. Ryuk kept saying he was forbidden from telling Light names, though would that rule or stealing a notebook back result in turning to sand as well? If he had stolen it back at that point Mello would probably freak out, the notebook flew, wrote a name in itself and Kal Snyder died. I just remember him as the antagonist of "The Miraculous Mellops" Underated show. Although he was the bad guy he was one of my favourite characters. I actually thought of 2 people before seein wo you meant. Wesley Archer, the guy in jail with the timer sand, then I tought it was an insult to the real man he was named after. Had forgotten all about that father. Been tried, the other guy didn't like the lack of trust View all replies >